Gods Unchained Reveals First Festive NFT Card Set

Top web3 game Gods Unchained teams up with global blockchain company Immutable X to launch its first seasonal-themed card set in the game’s history. The Christmas-themed card set includes unique festive assets and digital cosmetics. Titled Winter Wonderland, the card set is the first mini-set developed for the game. Read on to learn more about the new collection. 

What Is The Winter Wanderlands Collection About?

The limited edition Winter Wonderland will include 20 festive-themed cards. Additionally, Winter Wanderlands will feature several time-limited exclusive collectibles for players to personalize their in-game experience. For core fans, the digital collection also offers an exclusive festive story around the Goddess Of Deception Ludia, and her Champion, Orfeo. This story will take players around the Winter Wanderlands.

“The new set will be a truly special edition, and we wholeheartedly invite the Gods Unchained community to join us as this Christmas story unfolds, and bear witness to this unique narrative that — for the first time ever — places the champions in a different world outside of Eucos,” stated Daniel Paez, Gods Unchained executive producer.

Dedicated collectors will be able to hunt down new limited edition cards unique to this season. Meanwhile, hardcore players can find new ways to complement their battle strategies by expanding their card roster. The six legendary champions — Lysander, Neferu, Pallas, Orfeo, Selena, and Valka — will also embrace unique Christmas-themed cards of their own. Moreover, Immutable will also bring in a series of collaborative community events. The first of these events is “The Candy Chain.” Players will work together towards a common goal, allowing allegiances towards specific domains to take center stage.

Similarly, the developers will also hold a special lore-focused event in the Gods Unchained Discord channel. This event will take a deep dive into the game’s story and set the stage for the Candy Chain. The Winter Wanderlands card packs launch on December 14. The packs will be available for purchase until January 11, 2023. As with all other Assures Unchained assets, players will fully own their cards. These digital collectibles can also be freely traded or exchanged later.

About Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is the leading web3 trading card game that empowers players with true ownership of their in-game items. Combining the immutability of real, tangible cards with the convenience of digital collectibles, players can earn, trade, sell, and collect NFT cards to build strategic decks and compete in skill-based multiplayer battles.



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