Gmoney Iteration-02 NFT Collection Is Now Sold Out!

The gmoney NFT Collection ITERATION-02 is sold out! The release of 1,200 NFTs for 9dcc’s ITERATION-02 affords new access to the collection’s creator. The live mint of 440 NFTs at ART WEEK MIAMI was topped off with an exclusive virtual mint for gmoney’s Admit One community. Also, the 9dcc fashion brand contributed a piece for each NFT, implanted with a chip that unlocks unique experiences.

gmoney is seen at the 9dcc event with FrankDeGods and kmoney. Credit: gmoney’s Twtitter.

What was the gmoney NFT Collection?

ITERATION-02 is special in its ability to blend the virtual technology of NFTs with the wearable tech that 9dcc has pioneered. This combined gmoney’s virtual fan base with a real-world Art Basel event at the same time.

As guests went to mint, they were verified by their token and allowed to press “MINT” on a screen. This created a one-of-one NFT using a 9dcc logo and a generative spectrum of attributes. Then, the NFT moved to a glass room where artisans created a one-of-a-kind t-shirt to commemorate the mint and included a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) chip. As a result, fans engaged in the creation process from start to finish.

A black room with a lighted cube showing a video for Adidas.
Admit One fans descended on Art Basel for the one-of-a-kind event. Credit: gmoney’s Twitter.

Snowfro Collaborated With gmoney?

Snowfro’s generative art platform, Art Blocks, is well-known in the NFT art world. Also, his own NFT Project, Chromie Squiggle, is famed. With ITERATION-02, Snowfro teams up with gmoney to explore the foundation of their creations. They have created an experience that exceeds the sum of its parts. Moreover, with Art Basel as a backdrop, Snowfro and gmoney have created a testament to the way Web3 is changing the world.



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