Get To See The Top Digital Artists In The World With AOTM Gallery

The new global art gallery ‘Art of This Millennium’ (AOTM) has announced the representation of 32 artists. Founded by Vince Van Dough, the gallery will work hand in hand with the most prominent digital artists in the space. This includes creatives like Deekay, Grant Riven Yun, and Killer Acid, amongst many others. Here’s what you need to know about AOTM.

A new NFT gallery has emerged, representing 32 of the most talked-about digital creatives.

What is ‘Art of This Millennium’ (AOTM)?

Specializing in contemporary digital art, AOTM is a publishing house powered by The gallery allows digital artists to mint their own NFTs, giving them full creative ownership. While working closely with the top digital artists, AOTM will take a hands-on approach to help the artists reach their full potential.

“From curation, to marketing and promotion, to organizing exhibitions, to producing supporting content which documents processes and helps contextualize work, to connecting artists with collectors, we work hand in hand with creators every step of the way from ideation to sale,” said Vince Van Dough, the founder.

The gallery will represent 32 of the space’s renowned artists, such as Dmitri Cherniak, Grant Riven Yun, Tjo, Seerlight, and many others.

Furthermore, the gallery has made it clear that the artists will receive 10% of every secondary sale of their work. Additionally, the company will take 15% of any sale it facilitates and reinvests it back into the gallery. The team will use the funds to support emerging artists and expand to physical exhibitions. It’s worth mentioning that AOTM will initially focus on online sales and digital exhibitions.

About Vince Van Dough

Vince Van Dough is an anonymous NFT collector who has been in the crypto space since 2013. The prominent figure is known for spending absurd amounts of money on meme NFTs such as Pepe the Frog. VVD is also a member of the TungstenDAO.



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