GDC 2023 Oscars-style Red Carpet Greeted Gamers

Innovation was not reserved for developers at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023, as the event’s coordinators pushed the boundaries of advertising, interviewing, and celebrity status with their red-carpet entrance. Done in the style of the Oscars, GDC got the virtual influencer Babka to interview developers, allowing them to showcase their products on Twitch. The creative entrance for the conference provided the perfect concept to promote and celebrate the global gaming industry.

GDC 2023 brought out the stars with virtual influencers Babka and Nushi. Credit:

GDC 2023 Oscars Style Red Carpet

The Moscone South Lobby at the Moscone Center was transformed into a glamorous red carpet for the event, hosted by Babka and her robotic feline friend, Nushi. Designed by renowned Hollywood creature artist Salvatore Salamone, Nushi entertained attendees in a quadruped robot form. Babka and Nushi’s mission was to demonstrate the power of interactive technology and its ability to transcend the screen. Furthermore, the duo met with game developers eager to share their latest game releases and upcoming projects.

Babka the virtual influencer is at her computer in support of GDC 2023 Oscars.
Nushi appeared as a quadruped robot by Salvatore Salamone. Credit: Babka.

A Celebration of the Gaming Industry

According to Babka, the time-traveling gamer grandma, “Game developers are celebrities in the future, so much so that Nushi and I traveled back in time just to meet some of our favorites, which isn’t easy!”

In addressing the public, Babka let the community know that GDC is not just a large gathering of the global gaming industry, but a celebration of its accomplishments. So many developers have happened in the past year, it’s hard to count. By inviting developers to share their stories and promote their projects, the red carpet-event was a great way to foster unity in the gaming community.

Nushi the cat sits at a screen looking at Babka.
The duo interviewed developers on the red carpet while streaming on Twitch. Credit:

Recount the Fun Online

The event was open to GDC 2023 ticket holders and took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. From March 22nd to March 24th, Babka and Nushi streamed interviews,  photos, and #LivingLegends stories shared across social media. Follow Babka and Nushi on Twitter or Instagram at @yo_babka and @yo_nushi. You can see more of the event on their social pages.

A man stands with the influencer Babka at GDC 2023.
The experience was one to remember, as GDC 2023 celebrates a year of innovation. Credit: yo_babka Twitter.

GDC 2023 One To Remember

GDC 2023’s Oscars-style red-carpet event brought together game developers from around the world in a quince and engaging way. The organizers of GDC 2023 took media to a new level with Babka and Nushi the time-traveling virtual influencers. This creative approach to celebrating game development fostered a sense of unity, and the #LivingLegends hashtag allowed for continued celebration. As a result, GDC 2023 not only highlights the power of interactive technology but served as a testament to the limitless creativity of the global gaming community.



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