Gamefam Brings SpongeBob and TMNT to Roblox

If you’re a fan of Nickelodeon classics such as SpongeBob or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you’ll enjoy playing with your favorite characters via Roblox – all thanks to Gamefam! The leading blockchain games developer is collaborating with Paramount (aka Nickelodeon’s parent company) to create new metaverse experiences staring the two iconic franchises. The two projects will launch by the end of 2023, so let’s get an insight!

Gamefam joined forces with Nickelodeon’s Paramount for two new metaverse games featuring SpongeBob and TMNT.

Why Did Gamefam Partner With Nickelodeon?

This year, Paramount and Gamefam return to Roblox with two exciting virtual experiences. Although the companies didn’t get into detail regarding the launch, we do know they’ll feature SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)! Accordingly, Roblox users will enjoy immersive metaverse experiences featuring the iconic cartoon characters.

One of the main reasons behind this partnership is to grow Nickelodeon’s top franchises in the Web3 world too.

“Expanding both franchises (e.g. SpongeBob and TMNT) to new platforms is a critical part of our gaming strategy,” said Paramount’s Senior Vice President Doug Rosen. “Gamefam’s expertise in creating and managing live-operated worlds at scale makes them an ideal partner for us to connect audiences with our content on Roblox.”

Notably, Gamefam is no stranger to Roblox. The company had previously partnered with other franchises to develop games on the platform, including Sonic The Hedgehog. Overall, Gamefam boasts over 30 Roblox gaming experiences – a leading position on the platform.

image of the teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one of the most popular cartoon series of all time, soon to be available as a game via Roblox.

Why Did The Team Choose SpongeBob and TMNT?

SpongeBob SquarePants is undoubtedly among the most popular cartoon characters of all time. Despite its fame among multiple generations, the franchise has very little presence in the Web3 world. In fact, the only official SpongeBob game is Nickelodeon’s Nickverse.

We can say the same about TMNT as its first – and only – game titled Turtle Trouble was released in 2007. However, the new Roblox games might include some elements from these previous launches along with other exciting quests and features.


What Is Gamefam?

Founded by Joe Ferencz in 2019, Gamefam is a metaverse game developer working with top brands to create new Web3 experiences. Surprisingly, this was the first company that used Roblox as a game development platform – and the rest is history.

At the time of writing, Gamefam had already released over 40 games in various niches, including survival, shooter, obstacle games, and more. The team’s most notable partners are Hot Wheels, Sonic The Hedgehog to name a few.

This month, the company also revealed its collaboration with Warner Music Group for a new music-themed Roblox experience. There, users will be able to explore the music production world as DJs, dancers, and even performers.

Now all eyes are on Gamefam again as the community is waiting for their new Roblox experiences!



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