Game Changer Alert: $10M Grant Program to Transform Web3 Gaming Landscape!

The gaming platform Intella X, in collaboration with South Korean gaming giant Neowiz, just announced the launch of its $10M Gaming Accelerator Grant Program. It is aimed at supporting talented game developers building on the Polygon network. Furthermore, this initiative seeks to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape by providing developers with the financial support and resources needed to create games for Intella X’s ecosystem.

Intella X launched a grant program in partnership with Neowitz.

What is this Web3 gaming Accelerator Grant Program?

The purpose of this grant program is to expand and drive the mass adoption of Web3 in the gaming industry. It’s aimed to build a gaming ecosystem that delivers new experiences for both gamers and developers. To do so, the Intella X Gaming Accelerator Grant Program seeks to attract and onboard new game developers.

They can apply using the Intella X website. There, they can select the “Intella X Gaming Accelerator Grant Program” option to access the application form.

Applicants should expect to hear back within 2–4 weeks of their initial application. The evaluation process will take into account factors such as the project’s potential impact, innovation, feasibility, sustainability, and alignment with Intella X‘s goals.

Grant recipients will receive funds in exchange for some obligations. They may include regular progress updates, financial reporting, and adherence to project milestones. Moreover, they will participate in promotional events or community engagement initiatives.

What’s Neowiz’s track record?

Neowiz has an unblemished reputation in the video game industry. The company published, co-developed, or invested in renowned titles like Cats & Soup, FIFA Online 2, Crossfire, Rainbow Six Siege (PC Cafe), and Fortnite. Neowiz is also the creator of the casino/card game Blackjack 21: House of Blackjack. It is available for free on the Android Google Play Games Store.

On top of that, it has recently announced the adaptation of two of its most popular mobile titles, Golf Impact and Brave Nine, on the blockchain

By partnering with Intella X, it makes another decisive move towards blockchain gaming. Intella X is a next-generation Web3 gaming platform built on the Polygon Network, designed to act as a bridge between Web2 and Web3 gaming experiences.

The platform is a decentralized, contributor-centered ecosystem that hosts a variety of games. In late March, it launched a global social casino game: House of Poker. It is the world’s first social casino game on the blockchain. 

By launching a grant program together, Neowiz and Intella X will foster the development of Web3 gaming. In fact, this could be a strategic move, as this sector could lead the next crypto bull run.


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