From 90s Sensation to Modern-Day Digital Collectibles – POGs are Back!

POGs are coming to the Ethereum blockchain! Everyone’s favorite 90’s game will be releasing a new NFT collection on April 6th. What should we expect from the upcoming NFT collection?

Part art, part game, and all fun– POGs were a huge hit in the ’90s

What should we expect from the upcoming POGs NFT collection?

The World POG Federation, the parent company of POGs NFT, is partnering with Origin Protocol for this week’s mint. The project will contain 3,800 items with unique artwork for each NFT. The mint price is 0.049 ETH per NFT.

Owners will be able to use the NFTs to play an assortment of Ethereum-based games this summer. Some of the NFTS will feature artwork from popular projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Moonbirds. Kyler Frisbee, the founder of POGs NFT, also laid out his long-term vision for the project in which holders would be eligible to receive physical packs of POGs. The physical packs would then allow players to access the Origin Protocol marketplace to purchase limited edition pieces.

Some day, Frisbee hopes, players will be able to use physical pieces with built-in NFC chips. These NFC chips will allow fans to “play for keeps”. By doing so, ownership of a game asset would theoretically be able to transfer via blockchain from the loser to the winner. This would fit in with Frisbee’s goal of combining the physical experience of playing the game with some of the digital advantages that blockchain technology allows.

Fans of POGs will soon be able to mint POGs NFTs
POGs are coming to the Ethereum blockchain this week

What are POGs?

POGs were a huge hit on playgrounds in the 1990s. Also known as Milk Caps, the game involves taking a heavy disc called a slammer and throwing it onto a stack of lighter discs, thereby scattering them. The thrower gets to keep any of the lighter discs that land face-up until one person is out of discs.

The game has existed for decades. By bringing it Ethereum, The World POGs Federation is doing its part to carry the 90’s hit into the digital age of Web3.



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