Free Mint Zora NFTs ‘Rainbow Zorbs’ Sell Out At Art Basel

Zora and Rainbow, the Ethereum wallet, collaborated and sold out of their free NFT mint, titled Rainbow Zorbs. By minting the special edition NFT during Art Basel, users unlocked a unique Rainbow wallet icon. In just three days, both teams created one of the most active NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain, according to Etherscan.

Zora and Rainbow collaborated on a free to mint NFT collection that sold out at Art Basel. Here’s a preview of the eye-catching NFT/app icon.

The launch of Rainbow Zorbs

During Art Basel at Miami Art Week on December 3, Rainbow Zorbs were able to be minted in the span of three days. In order to make the launch fair and efficient, all addresses received one free NFT. Moreover, individuals had a choice to either mint online or at Zoratopia, Zora’s Miami event. As a result, the collection of 127,352 Rainbow Zorbs NFTs came to life on the Ethereum blockchain.

Holding the NFT enabled owners to easily update their Rainbow app icon to display the new Rainbow Zorbs. By simply downloading Rainbow, clicking settings, and choosing the app icon, owners could have a refreshing new look to their app. Thanks to RainbowKit’s convenient wallet add-on and Zora’s useful creator tools, this action could be done smoothly. Furthermore, both teams also made this process seamless at the Zoratopia event by allowing attendees to scan only two barcodes to receive the NFT. Now that’s NFT onboarding made easy.

Rainbow and Zora’s simple NFT onboarding process is seen at Zoratopia at Art Basel. Credit: @rainbowdotme

About Rainbow

Rainbow is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum and is available to download for Android and iOS. It’s a simple and safe way to begin your crypto journey and delve into the power of Ethereum. Users can also display their Ethereum-based digital assets on the application. Additionally, users can add the highly customizable Rainbow wallet to their own application by using Rainbowkit.



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