FOX Renews Dan Harmon’s Krapopolis for a Third Season Before Season 1 Airs!

If you’re excited about the upcoming NFT animated series Krapopolis, here’s some great news: FOX Entertainment has just confirmed the third season will air too! The decision came even before the first season’s launch, but it might have a good reason behind it. The project’s debut NFT collection, Krap Chicken, sold like hotcakes – and that’s just the beginning!

The highly-anticipated NFT animated series Krapopolis will have a third season too, FOX Entertainment confirmed.

Why Did FOX Invest in Dan Harmon’s NFT Animation Series?

This week, FOX Entertainment partnered with its animation studio Bento Box to renew the highly-anticipated NFT animation Krapopolis. Accordingly, the NFT-backed comedy series will debut its first season during the 2023-2024 Season. The show actually received its second-season renewal in October 2022 – way before its official launch – but why?

To begin with, this animation series comes from the creator of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon. The show’s voiceover list is impressive, featuring Hannah Waddingham from Ted Lasso, Duncan Trussel of The Midnight Gospel, and Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd), to name a few.

In addition, Krapopolis is among the most promising NFT projects from FOX Entertainment’s web3 company Blockchain Creative Labs. The tech firm developed the animation’s website and social media too. For example, the community will have a dedicated marketplace, voting sessions, Discord channels, and more.

digital poster of the Krapopolis NFT series
Krapopolis is the latest animated series created by Dan Harmon, the producer behind Rick and Morty.

What Is Krapopolis?

In short, Krapopolis is an NFT-centered comedy animation series created by Emmy-winning producer Dan Harmon. The storyline takes us back to Ancient Greece, where a goddess’ son named Tyrannis becomes the King of Krapopolis – a city whose name says it all. Each character, be it a goddess, a cyclops, or another mythical entity, has its own traits and humor.

The series’ debut NFT drop attracted fans worldwide, and they are now waiting for the grand premiere.



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