FLETCHER x VAULT: How Web3 Helped Push “Girl Of My Dreams” To New Levels!

Pop superstar FLETCHER sat down with NFTEvening to discuss the after-effects of one of the singer’s first foray into the web3 world. Her debut album “Girl Of My Dreams” set off a cross country tour powered directly by her fans. The queer icon’s collaboration with web3 platform Vault allowed fans to vote for the set list for each city. We caught up with the artist to find out how this experience engaged and empowered her community via the power of the blockchain.

FLETCHER Leverages Web3 To Give Her Fans New Experiences

Web3 music is highly considered the next use-case frontier in the web3/NFT world. Recording Artists around the world are using the new technology to engage and interact with their fans in new ways. A month after the release of FLETCHER’s debut “Girl Of My Dreams” album, she announced that she would allow fans to choose custom tour experiences via her partnership with Vault.

On asking how the web3 experience was different from the usual fan connection processes, she states “my fanbase is a large part of my career. So having them be a central figure to the shows is such an equal exchange between artist and listener. To let them be in control of how the set list felt and how the show looked is so cool for me to have them heavily involved. Vault has provided that opportunity for me to connect with them on tour in a whole new way.”

We also asked FLETCHER about future plans with web3. She responds “I always have my doors open to new opportunities and finding ways to further connect with audiences. If anything ever feels right to explore in a deeper and different way. I would love to experiment further with web3 to provide opportunities for my fans to grow with me on this journey.”

About “The Girl Of My Dreams” Album

The Girl Of My Dreams is the debut album by FLETCHER. She represents the feelings of traversing through life and its relationships as a queer woman from conservative roots. The album hosts a catharsis much required in the present age. This album is a journey through her life, a presentation of her truth, and an open revolt against the (often subliminal) societal standards set for us all.

FLETCHER reflects society’s narrative and aims to empower her fans through this album. As she states, she aims to diminish the “not enough-ness” inner mentality that people carry with them in this day and age. Furthermore, she realizes the double edged sword of living in such a world where the same media forms that have destroyed mental capacities are responsible for shining light to her meaningful music. The dichotomy of social media also meets the therapy of music in this release. A must check for pop fans worldwide!



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