Ex-Konami Team To Launch an MMORPG On ImmutableX

Search for Animera, a highly-anticipated web3 AAA game, is set to launch on ImmutableX. Great news as ImmutableX, known for being the preferred platform for building and scaling web3 games on Ethereum, brings the team into the web3 space. Furthermore, the game offers players a seamless and secure experience with true ownership over their assets.

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Search of Animera’

Ex-Konami led Sci-Fi MMORPG “Search for Animera” is a highly-anticipated web3 game set to launch on ImmutableX. Specifically, the game offers a AAA-level experience with seamless NFT minting and trading, all backed by Ethereum’s native security. The game’s features include interplanetary conquest, exploration, and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding adventure. With three distinct game modes, players can choose to explore, experience the story, or take part in Star Siege Mode. Built from the ground up on Unreal Engine 5, the team behind Animera includes veteran game developers and smart contract builders.

What is ImmutableX?

ImmutableX is a platform that allows for building and scaling web3 games on Ethereum. It offers high-speed transactions and zero gas fee minting and trading. Additionally, it uses Immutable’s ZK (zero-knowledge) scaling solution, which has been in production for over two years, to ensure a robust and secure experience for players. The platform also offers Magic Link, a set of tools available on ImmutableX that make web3 onboarding frictionless, secure, and non-custodial. Correspondingly, this enables seamless onboarding of web2 gaming audiences by offering a much simpler UX.

Search of Animera AAA game launching in ImmutableX showcases a space-themed adventure.
Search of Animera, launching on ImmutableX, features an open-space adventure.
Image Credit: Search of Animera

Search for Animera’s launch on ImmutableX is a game changer for web3 users, offering a AAA-level game experience. With simple NFT minting and trading, games experience a game all backed by Ethereum’s native security. Furthermore, ImmutableX offers a robust and secure platform for building and scaling web3 games on Ethereum. With the addition of Magic Link, players can consequently onboard to the game and experience true ownership over their assets.. The exciting launch expects to bring unique gaming experiences to players worldwide.



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