Epirus becomes Sirato

A few days back we renamed Epirus, our blockchain explorer product, to Sirato. This coincided with our official release of Sirato with support for VMware’s Blockchain for Ethereum Beta 1 release, further extending our support for EVM compatible blockchain solutions, which is something we’re very excited about. 

Honestly speaking, we had to rename it due to the challenges we encountered getting the trademark on Epirus. But a rename such as this is also a good opportunity to talk about what we have in mind for Sirato.

Charles Sirato, from whom we take inspiration, was a Hungarian poet, art theorist, and translator. He most famously authored the Dimensionist Manifesto


The Dimensionist tendency has led to –

  • Literature leaving the line and entering the plane.
  • Painting leaving the plane and entering space.
  • Sculpture stepping out of closed, immobile forms.
  • …The artistic conquest of four-dimensional space, which to date has been completely art-free.

A richness and deeper meaning with more connections emerge as dimensions are added. With Sirato, the blockchain explorer, we see richness and deeper meaning emerging as we look to give insights that stretch beyond just the blockchain. 


Imagine enriching public blockchain data with private data — giving greater context to what’s going on, specific to your needs and demands. And then imagine being able to not just view this within the confines of Sirato itself, but also as part of a greater ecosystem with APIs, data warehouses and business intelligence tools and pipelines. 


This is what we provide with Sirato. Something more than just another blockchain explorer that instead enables you to get more insights, and richer at that. 


Such insights will become essential as more and more of our financial transactions and business partnerships are clearly defined with the clear-cut definitions enabled by blockchain networks. But blockchains only represent the plumbing, and without instrumentation and monitoring, it becomes just another black box. Sirato opens up this black box, giving you a window into its inner workings. And with added dimensions, these inner workings are labelled, described and enhanced for your benefit. 

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