EMP Money, the DeFi protocol, launches a NFT miner, POW’r UP

Ethereum miners tend to be expensive, noisy, and take a long time to recoup their cost, up until now. EMP Money has solved these troublesome issues by creating POW’r UP NFTs, a collection of digital miners. This utility-filled collection containing Virtual Ethereum Miners rewards holders with pure passive income and an unparalleled ROI. Holders will be able to claim lucrative yields every week in the form of the Ethereum token. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming POW’r UP collection.

POW’r UP NFTs allow holders to generate income passively while avoiding the inconveniences of traditional mining.

POW’r UP NFTs: What are they all about?

EMP’s innovative POW’r UP NFTs enable users to reap the benefits of mining without experiencing any recurring inconveniences. The team intends for the NFTs to be a unique and dependable way to prosper during the harsh conditions of the bear market. Moreover, you might be asking yourself, “How does this all work?” To begin, its Virtual Ethereum Miners produce ETH every day due to a mining liquidity pool of more than 6 million dollars. With EMP’s extensive yet profitable ecosystem, holders are positioned for optimal returns. The ecosystem includes EMP nodes, an EShare single staking farm, multiple daily ROI contracts, and $EMP, among others. In sum, this mining investment allows you to sit back and let the virtual miner conveniently do all the work for you.

Furthermore, EMP Money puts emphasis on making money in this bear market with the help of its proven ecosystem and credible team. They want to give holders the opportunity to accumulate ETH in a way that’s seamless and effortless. Having said that, there are several benefits attached to EMP Money’s POW’r UP NFTs. For instance, the ROI on the virtual miners exceeds that of any other miner on the market. This includes 5X-ing the APR of the prominent ASIC miners. We also can’t forget the added benefit of POW’r UP being a digital asset that can be traded on the secondary market. Additionally, EMP Money has outstanding returns on staked ETH, meaning that investors have been paid time and time again.

A preview of the Ethereum Virtual Miner NFT.

A look at EMP Money’s achievements 

With a doxxed team that strives to innovate and execute, EMP Money has a track record full of successes. This consists of being the #25 largest holder of ETH and the #55 largest holder of BNB on the BNB chain. They also successfully launched the largest independent NFT mint in BNB Chain history, titled Sentinel Squadron. Further, Dappradar has ranked EMP Money #5 in DeFi by daily active users. Not to mention, having a highly successful ETH staking contract that collected 785 ETH and paid investors a 19% return over 3 months.

How do I obtain an Ethereum Virtual Miner NFT?

EMP Money’s POW’r UP NFTs will launch on December 3 at 8 a.m. EST on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s worth noting that the sale will have no maximum supply and only last 48 hours. In addition, each NFT has a set price of $1000.To learn more about EMP Money and its ecosystem, check out the EMP whitepaper. Then, to get involved you can mint the EMP NFT Collection here.



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