Dr.Death NFTs Enroll You To The Web3 Mystery School

Want to experience the mystical force of a Dr.Death NFT? The ancient shamanic spirit is making waves in the blockchain community, captivating 40 million homes through a revolutionary TV show. Furthermore, Dr.Death will soon be gracing Decentraland with their presence in an upcoming exhibit and allowing holders access to a Web3 mystery school. Let’s dive in!

Enroll in a Journey of Enlightenment with the Dr.Death NFT Collection.

Who is Dr.Death?

First, let’s take a look at Dr.Death. With over 32,000 years of human development to draw from, they explore the archetypal patterns of golden age societies found all over the world. Through their work, they aim to cultivate “the ultimate lessons.” These include psychological transmutation, spiritual enlightenment, and the utilization of symbolism as a communicable language.

Additionally, Dr.Death has an impressive art background. From couture sustainable fashion showcased at the House of Lords Westminster to making history as the first artist to exhibit and sell an NFT at Saatchi Gallery in London, Dr.Death has certainly left their mark on the art world. Moreover, their animation and music have been featured at eight film festivals, including Pinewood Studios.

Enroll in the Web3 Mystery School with a Dr.Death NFT

So, what can we expect from Dr.Death and the Web3 Mystery School? Firstly, Dr. Death is taking the Metaverse by storm. They will be taking part in a digital fashion show in Vegas City, Decentraland. This takes place from March 28-31, 2023 during Metaverse Fashion Week. Additionally, wearable hat traits are available to holders of Dr. Death’s collection. Furthermore, holders of Dr. Death’s art can also access the ‘Artillity’ art collective. Markedly, this is promised to be home to some of the biggest NFT artists and collectors in the space.

Finally, step into the world of The Order of the Redeemed, a web3 first mystery school of philosophy and critical art theory. Led by Dr. Death, it’s a docuseries that dives deep into the mysteries of ancient history, spiritual enlightenment, and the symbolism of art. Significantly, the episodes are voted on by the holders themselves. To enroll in this extraordinary journey, make sure you get hold of one of Dr.Death’s 10k NFT collection across Polygon and Zilliqa. Ultimately, holders can expect to experience the magic of Dr.Death and The Order of the Redeemed!



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