Doodles Hire 3 New People To Accelerate The Brand

Doodles have big plans ahead for 2023, and the team’s three new members are ready to make them happen! This week, the popular NFT project welcomed Jay Ciruolo, Joe Ranzenbach, and Austin Hurwitz to boost the brand’s growth throughout this year.

Doodles just welcomed three new team members ready to boost the brand’s growth in 2023.

Who are Doodles’ brand new team members?

This year, Doodles’ team seems to grow as fast as the project itself. The project started 2023 by hiring three new members with plenty of experience in the Web3 sector, so let’s meet them all:


Jay Ciruolo

Self-described as a “fan of all things front-end,” Jay Ciruolo is no stranger to the NFT world. He currently works as the Co-Founder of Jambb, a project focusing on comedy digital collectibles. Jay’s previous experience includes Hubspot, PathAI, and AssetBlock to name a few. The expert will join Doodles as their Front Engineering Leader!


Joe Ranzenbach

Joe Ranzenbach has been working in the product management business for 15 years. From Vice President at PrivCo to Director of Product Strategy at Integral Ad Science, Joe has spent the last year focusing on the Web3 development sector. In fact, he founded the tech company Cole Avenue – and now he’s ready to start a new career as Doodle’s Head of Product Management.


Austin Hurwitz

“From working with artists and record labels to building Web2 & Web3 products, I’ve always looked to bridge creative and technical worlds to create consumer magic,” said Austin Hurwitz about joining Doodles as their Head of Business Development. Previously, he worked as Web3 SVP at Venice Music and as the

Doodles 2 trailer featuring an animated character with rainbow and other accessories
The Doodles NFT project is ready to skyrocket to success this year.

What else is Doodles up to?

The project’s most recent endeavor was their event as part of the Art Basel in December 2022. From highly-detailed design to their entertaining mini-games, the project seems to have stolen the show for the fans.

This year, we’ll likely see Doodles launch new physical and digital products and boosting their brand growth. Nevertheless, Doodles isn’t the only brand evolving in 2023, as Deadfellaz also welcomed three new team members this week!



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