Doodle Map: The Key To The Doodleverse

Following an initial February 28th announcement, iconic NFT project Doodles has unveiled the “Doodle Map” – a new foundation layer to their project. The Doodle Map goes beyond an “ETH Roadmap”, as according to the original announcement “doodles is here to ship products, not promises.” Here’s all we know about the latest updates by Doodles NFT.

Doodle Map

What Is The Doodle Map? What Makes It Special?

Following through an illustrious NFT Paris event, and then moving on to refreshing their handle on Instagram to “@theDoodles”, it’s safe to say the NFT project is ramping up full speed ahead, leaving no details behind. The latest announcement follows their February 28th announcement about Doodle Maps. Doodle Maps, as the picture above suggests, is almost like the center point to the massive Doodles ecosystem.

The Twitter thread announcement starts off saying “Our mission is to inspire belief in the idea that doodling has the power to ignite our imagination and transport us to new realities.” The Doodle Map is a lens to the Doodles NFT universe. It also acts as the foundation to understand what’s building for each of their branches. Moreover, it is also a connecting link between the different sub-projects on Doodles.

With this, the Doodles NFT project ensures that their holders and original collection are at the center of the Doodleverse as new products and experiences get delivered. On the announcement, Doodles make it clear that web3 is a revolutionary technology. One that enables an entirely new format for storytelling & identity. The project also likes to reimagine what is possible for holders of their prestigious digital collectibles.

More On Doodle Map

Doodles then moves on to announce that as they continue to invest in the Ethereum ecosystem, they plan to onboard more people through fresh and exciting new ideas. “Our team is stacked, our vision is clear, and we have the resources to deliver. We are determined to make our community proud to be Doodles.” states the official Doodles Twitter handle.

Following the Doodles 2 NFTs, the announcement arrives just a couple of months later. This indicates a high level of innovation going on underneath the hood. The whole plan and mission of the Doodles are to bring new experiences to life. It aims to be the best entertainment and lifestyle experiences in the world. Moreover, they place their community at the center of its growth. And the Doodle Map may reflect the same innovations across the board.

As of the moment, the Doodle Map is a static image on the homepage of the Doodle website. But soon, we can assume the map to be an interactive journey. Moreso a guide to all things Doodles. This is an exciting time for NFTs and with a top-tier brand like Doodles continuously innovating, the project soars high while it also delivers the promise of web3 to its community.




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