Dishonest NFT Trader Takes Frankiln’s Kindness For Granted

Franklin, a BAYC whale, went on Twitter to bring attention to a situation where an NFT trader was not paying him back. He spoke extensively about the money he sent Zillybrain to pay off his BAYC loan.

Franklin’s BAYC #1762

The details of Franklin’s Twitter thread

It all started when Franklin sent money to pay off Zillybrain’s expiring BAYC loan. Instead of paying him back, Zillybrain went MIA. Keep in mind that Franklin has given him money before and had no issues. In addition, he helped Zillybrain retrieve a BAYC that he lost through a free mint scam. After three acts of genuineness, the whale lost all trust. The issue doesn’t end there. Zillybrain said Franklin might’ve sent the money to a compromised wallet. After telling Zillybrain not to deposit it in the wallet, he did so and paid off the loan on time. This put the ape at risk, but Zillybrain sent it back to the original wallet where Franklin sent the money.

The two parties agreed that Zillybrain would start a new loan and send him the money, but things didn’t go as planned. Instead, the trader listed the ape on NFTFi looking for longer, more valuable loans.

Franklin is having a tough month, from fat-fingering a BAYC last week (again) to this recent issue.

Zillybrains BAYC. (BAYC #4930)
This is the ape that’s involved in the thread. BAYC #4930

How did the issue turn out?

Zillybrain answered Franklin by quoting his tweet. He said, “We fixed things before, we can do it again. Everything doesn’t need to be in the public’s face to find a solution.” Additionally, the whale stated that Zillybrain admitted to not paying him back because he wanted to be able to get extra ETH from his loan, pay Franklin, and keep some extra. After a couple of hours of waiting for a response, Zillybrain finally paid him back.



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