Digital Wearables Get Physical with MNTGE Fruit and Veggies!

On April 26, MNTGE, the digital wearables brand, will release Fruits & Veggies, its first-ever physical items. It consists of a limited-edition collection of custom tech-enabled vintage denim and graphic tees. This drop will be the first to appear on the new platform dedicated to physical items, MNTGE Market.

What can we expect from this first drop?

The inaugural MNTGE Fruits & Veggies drop will feature coveted vintage fashion items. For example, it will be possible to buy an expert-sourced 1-of-1 Levi’s 505s. It was embroidered locally in Los Angeles with an all-over fruit and vegetable pattern designed by MNTGE co-founder Sean Wotherspoon. Each garment will integrate an NFC chip, and the owner of each item will receive a collectible denim art NFT.

The MNTGE Fruits & Veggies collection will also include a limited-edition series of MNTGE-branded vintage graphic T-shirts. Spanning from the 1960s to the 2000s, these tees are crafted from well-worn ultra-soft cotton-poly, and adorned with an array of nostalgic imagery. The brand will release them following the denim drop.

What are MNTGE digital wearables?

The designer Sean Wotherspoon, culture executive Nick Adler and branding genius Brennan Russo launched MNTGE last December. The digital wearables brand’s ambition is to create “the world’s finest tech-enabled and digital wearables, fueled by a community of collectors and enthusiasts who share a passion for vintage clothing and fashion”. The brand insists on the values of community, accessibility, and sustainability.

Pass holders will enjoy exclusive benefits, such as early access to artist collections. In addition to that, they will have access to a token-gated Discord community, and the opportunity to own authentic, curated vintage goods.



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