DigiDaigaku CEO Hacked: Community Warned Of Phishing Scams

Digidaigaku CEO is the latest target of a web3 hack tricking users into handing over ETH and NFTs to a mysterious wallet. Gabriel Leydon’s Twitter account was compromised by the hacker sending tweets to a fake allowlist promotion. The tweet claims that it has 2000 allowlist spots available for Digidaigaku’s latest “Villain” editions. This link carried people to “villains-digidaigaku[dot]com,” – a fake website. You can learn more about the situation below.

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What Was The Digidaigaku Hack All About?

Earlier today (November 3), Twitter users and web3 sleuths noted that Gabriel Leydon’s latest pinned tweet leads to a phishing website. Once unsuspecting individuals connected to the scam site, they’d find their wallets drained.

A screenshot of the Digidaigaku CEO's official twitter.
Source: Twitter @0xQuit

Connecting your web3 wallet to the site would allow the phishing website to evaluate its contents and drain the NFTs you own. If users do not have Open Approvals set for their assets, the site would ask them to “setApprovalForAll” to the scammer’s ETH address. Additionally, if users have the approvals set for OpenSea, the site would bundle up all the NFTs in the user’s wallet and transfer them to the hackers.  A screenshot of the Seaport order is below. Users are advised never to sign these orders outside of OpenSea.

A screenshot of a seaport contract that is compromised.
Never trust or click on any Seaport Requests outside of OpenSea.

One user had his Mutant Ape (MAYC) stolen and sold by the hacker(s). The sale price for the particular NFT went to 11.5 WETH! A string of other NFT collections also landed in the wrong hands in the latest fiasco. This includes NFTs from projects like Mories, Nyolings, and more. According to top crypto detective ZachXBT, the series of hacks is from a mastermind going by the name “Monkey Drainer.” Also, the contact address for this account is: 0x0000098a312e1244f313f83cac319603a97f4582.

Later in the day, the hacker also tweeted from the Digidaigaku CEO account, saying the account “isn’t hacked.” According to reports, Gabriel was the victim of a SIM swap in an ATT store in the US. Digidaigaku has since stated that further investigations are in place. They also added that they would locate the hacker, press charges, and seek compensation for damages. The account is back in its rightful hands, and the search is on for the mysterious Monkey Drainer.

About Digidaigaku

Daigaku is a collection of 2022 unique characters. The anime-themed characters are brought to life by Limit Break, with world-famous game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa at their helm. Currently, DigiDaigaku characters live in a mysterious world unknown to outsiders. New details of their world are releasing soon!


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