Devon DeJardin Launches 1st Exclusive NFT Collection “Guardians”

Prolific American artist Devon DeJardin is all set to release his first digital art collection at the end of March. The collection is a series of unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) inspired by his sought-after Guardians paintings. The Guardians series features voluminous geometric figures. Further, these abstract figures serve as sources of personal guidance, protection, and solace, reflecting DeJardin’s longstanding study of global spiritual traditions. Let’s take a look at what Devon DeJardin has to offer!

Devon DeJardin’s Guardians NFT Project: All You Need to Know

Devon DeJardin creates The Guardians NFT collection with the aim of offering his work in a more accessible digital format for art and Web3 communities. DeJardin’s current line of physical paintings also have a waitlist themselves. These were on display last in 2022 at his solo show Giants at Albertz Benda gallery in New York City. But now, the NFTs allow a wider audience to engage with his practice and message.

DeJardin previously exhibited in Los Angeles and Miami, gaining notable public recognition through both solo and group shows. His work was also presented to international audiences with great success at the Art SG art fair in January 2023.

Creating his debut NFT collection has deepened DeJardin’s interest in the intersection of narrative and pictorial complexity. He expanded his visual vocabulary and experimented with the art historical ideas of background and place. These new works feature a depth of form and space unparalleled in DeJardin’s practice. The art pays tribute to both the presence of the artist’s hand and to the exciting connective potential of the digital medium.

More About the Collection

This digital collection represents a perfect experiment, combining hand-built oil on canvas and computer-coded assembly. Morevoer, underpainting and sketched studies fuse with stable diffusion and quantum probability in this style. Sable brush strokes mingle with digital brushes, and the controlled and randomly generated combine to form a unique work of art that goes beyond “meta” and into the metaphysical. The Javascript that completes the creation destroys itself after generating 999 massive canvases.

The auction of the 1/1 NFT goes beyond hype. It is also expected that DeJardin’s first digital art collection will receive significant attention from the art and Web3 communities worldwide.



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