Delft Blue Night Watch NFTs: Rembrandt’s Art Meets Technology

The team behind Delft Blue Night Watch is making fine art NFTs more accessible! They are creating a new way to experience fine art digitally and physically while maintaining its qualities, legacy, and authenticity. So get ready to own a piece of history with the Original Delft Blue Night Watch NFT! Three NFTs now represent each of the 480 tiles that make up the Night Watch. Holders will be able to claim an exact reproduction of the physical tile. Also, with NFC verification, you can be sure that your tile is the real deal. Become a founding member with this unique opportunity to own a piece of the famous painting.

The Delft Blue Night Watch is “The Famous Night Watch of Rembrandt in Royal Delft Blue” and it was entirely hand-painted by two master painters.

What is the Delft Blue Night Watch?

Rembrandt painted the Night Watch in 1642, featuring the “Militia Company of District II” in the Netherlands. The painting was unique for its time, famous for its colossal size (3.63m x 4.37m) and dramatic use of light and shadow. Rembrandt’s innovative approach defied tradition by adding motion, shades, and subliminal details. Therefore, it is one of the most significant paintings of the Dutch Golden Age.

Two master painters from the Royal Delft Company, established in 1653, entirely hand-painted “The Famous Night Watch of Rembrandt in Royal Delft Blue”. Interestingly, it is the last remaining Delftware factory from the 17th century. The Delft Blue Night Watch is the same size as Rembrandt’s “Night Watch”. Furthermore, you can visit it in real life at the Royal Delft museum in The Netherlands. It even has its own special room created for its display.

Delftware painters use the Delft Blue technique to paint decorations on tiles by hand. Significantly, they follow a century-old recipe and use a sable’s hair pencil and black paint with cobalt oxide. The process changes the color from black to blue due to a chemical reaction with cobalt. Painters use water-based paint to create different shades of blue by adding more or less water.

The original Rembrandts Night Watch.
The Night Watch is one of the most famous Dutch Golden Age paintings. Experts estimate that it is currently worth over $500 million.

How the DBNW NFT Project is Making Fine Art Accessible

The Delft Blue Night Watch team is revolutionizing the art world by offering a unique phygital experience that combines digital and physical art. They are creating an NFT project that will preserve the authenticity of the original artwork.

To make this happen, the original artwork composed of 480 tiles is represented by 3 NFT tokens each. Holders of these tokens will be able to claim a reproduction of the physical tile, which they can trade or display for all to see.

But the Delft Blue Night Watch is just the beginning. Art Attainment, the NFT art collective behind the project, also plans to create more immersive phygital experiences that unite fans of art, history, and NFTs. The project’s roadmap is exciting, and the future looks particularly promising for those interested in exploring the intersection of art and technology. There is a limited supply of 1,440 NFTs and the mint date and price is yet to be announced. So, watch this space for the chance to own an NFT with historical value and significance. 



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