Degen Toonz & CULT&RAIN Lead The Way In Digital Fashion

CULT&RAIN and Degen TOONZ team up for ‘The Closet’. The new on-chain solution aims to connect Web2 and Web3 in the Degen Toonz ecosystem. With The Closet, TOONZ NFT holders can dress their digital characters in luxurious virtual wearables. For the first time ever, they can also turn these digitals into reality. The collaboration offers an exciting opportunity to explore the possibilities of fashion in the blockchain world.

The Closet: The Gateway to Digital Fashion for TOONZ Holders

Upgrade Your Degen TOONZ Style Game with CULT&RAIN Sneakers

Degen Toonz created the TOONZ series, consisting of 8,888 unique characters. They are currently available for purchase as NFTs. Moreover, TOONZ NFTs can be used in games, social media, and virtual environments.

CULT&RAIN is collaborating with Degen TOONZ as the only Web3 brand in the first launch of The Closet. Significantly, TOONZ holders will be able to show off CULT&RAIN sneakers across three original models – Atlas, Vega, and Titan. Holders can claim their sneakers and get access to the exclusive holder’s closet. Additionally, they’ll be able to change their TOONZ’s digital footwear based on the model owned. This means holders can upgrade their TOONZ’s style game whenever they want!

Furthermore, PFP and full-body versions of Degen TOONZ will now reflect the new CULT&RAIN sneakers. Holders can proudly display their unique fashion sense across multiple platforms, including OpenSea. TOONZ holders will also receive a discount on the matching physical sneakers from CULT&RAIN. The Closet is an exciting new addition to the Degen TOONZ platform, which serves as a hub for Web3 fashion and identity. So, get ready to dress up your TOONZ in the latest digital wearables and make a statement!



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