Deepak Chopra And JOMO Effect Promote Well-Being In Web3 Space

“The JOMO Effect” is being launched through a collaboration between Peace Inside Live, Deepak Chopra’s web3 wellness project, Seva.Love, House of First, and TIMEPieces. In the fast-paced world of technology, the fear of missing out (FOMO) has become a common feeling among people. Social media and other digital platforms often exacerbate this feeling, leading to increased anxiety and stress levels.

Deepak Chopra And JOMO Effect Promote Well-Being In Web3 Space. Source:

Peace Inside Live has launched a new initiative called “The JOMO Effect” to counter this phenomenon. It has been done so in collaboration with Deepak Chopra’s Seva.Love, House of First, TIMEPieces, and other organizations. Moreover, the project aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and promote the joy of missing out (JOMO) as a way to combat FOMO.

The JOMO Effect

The JOMO Effect project will feature unique works from 40 artists. Moreover, all primary sales proceeds going to five non-profits that provide mental health services. Magic Eden will host the campaign and will involve artists from all kinds of Web3 and social media platforms.

The team has created the project to combat FOMO. FOMO or Fear of Missing Out, is the pervasive anxiety of being left out of enjoyable experiences that everyone suffers from due to social media. JOMO, on the other hand, stands for the Joy of Missing Out, and it is about enjoying free time doing whatever one wants to do without worrying that something more interesting is happening somewhere else.

The JOMO Effect project aims to support mental health nationally and globally. As so, to achieve this goal, they have collaborated with several non-profits that provide mental health services. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Half the Story, LOVELOUD Foundation, The MINDS Foundation, and Aakoma Project are the organizations that will receive primary sales proceeds from the project.

Deepak Chopra and Web3: The Collaborators Involved

The JOMO Effect has also brought together several leading companies. The companies range from sectors across technology, wellness, and media to raise awareness about mental health. Peace Inside Live is a mindfulness platform for a global collective offering custom well-being programs. The team shares these through Web3, video, audio, and in-person experiences.

The collaboration with The JOMO Effect is part of Seva.Love’s ongoing focus on nurturing community and well-being in the Web3 space. It also focuses on working towards a more sustainable, peaceful, healthier, and joyful world. Poonacha Machaiah, Co-Founder of Seva.Love and CEO of Chopra Foundation, said that they were excited to collaborate on the JOMO Effect. They are happy to build and empower a strong diverse global community for mental well-being.

TIMEPieces, TIME’s web3 community initiative, launched the Seven Collection earlier this year in collaboration with Deepak Chopra web3’s new project and Seva.Love. This collection aimed to spotlight the critical importance of mental wellness in the web3 space. Maya Draisin, Head of TIMEPieces, said expressed honor to collaborate with an incredible group of partners. So many TIMEPiece artists on the JOMO Effect project and continue championing a healthier and more balanced metaverse.

The JOMO Effect: Web3 Space’s Initiative for Mental Health Awareness

The JOMO Effect project is a timely initiative that aims to promote mental health awareness. It also aims to combat the pervasive anxiety caused by FOMO. It has the collaboration of leading companies in the technology, wellness, and media industries. As so, the project may to reach a diverse audience and create a positive impact.

The involvement of renowned organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Half the Story, LOVELOUD Foundation, The MINDS Foundation, and Aakoma Project ensures that the project’s primary sales proceeds will go to worthy causes that provide mental health services.



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