deadmau5’s PIXELYNX Drops 9,000 Free NFTs for New Web3 Game

Get ready for a new NFT drop! PIXELYNX is releasing 9,000 free sound-reactive NFTs called ‘The Droplet’ on April 12th. Significantly, holders of these limited-edition NFTs will have early access to PIXELYNX’s flagship Web3 game ELYNXIR. Let’s dive in!

Experience Music in a New Way with PIXELYNX’s NFTs.


PIXELYNX’s NFTs: The Ultimate Gaming and Music Experience

Firstly, what actually is PIXELYNX? Essentially, PIXELYNX is a music metaverse and gaming company. It was co-founded by deadmau5, a Canadian electronic music producer, and recently acquired by Animoca Brands, a blockchain gaming company. PIXELYNX offers immersive AI and Web3-powered playable experiences for musicians, gamers, and creators in its metaverse.

Its flagship Web3 game, ELYNXIR, is currently in development and designed by a team of gaming and technology veterans from Epic Games, Sony, Microsoft, and Activision. Ahead of its public launch, PIXELYNX will be dropping 9,000 free digital collectibles, titled The Droplet, which will grant holders early access and first entry into the ELYNXIR platform.

So, what can we expect from PIXELYNX’s NFT drop? Well, the short answer is – a lot! Each droplet NFT contains a unique piece of music from one of nine selected artists. Significantly, these include Junior Jr., Angel Baby, and Skullz. Furthermore, the NFT’s design will react and change based on the audio waves and visuals of the music. It’s inspired by cymatics, which is the study of how sound waves create patterns.

Excitingly, the droplets from PIXELYNX also offer a range of additional utilities and perks for holders. With The Droplet, you can unlock exclusive access to Elynxir’s upcoming AR app, future access to select drops, and extra benefits for upcoming artist and label drops. Additionally, you’ll also be eligible for limited edition physical merch drops and exclusive giveaways for special opportunities with participating artists and partners. Plus, you’ll receive access to the Droplet channel and a special role in Discord.



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