Deadfellaz Presents: Front Facing Fellaz

Web3 brand & NFT household name Deadfellaz releases “Front Facing Fellaz” – a reimagination of all 10k OG digital collectibles. A slight tweak to it’s distinct, stylistic “Horde” PFPs that makes the characters look straight ahead.

Front Facing DeadFellaz: Why & How?

The new Front Facing addition is expected to enhance the usability of their digital avatars in different virtual environments. There are now three variations to the DeadFellaz PFP. The files available for holders include:

  • front-facing options with a body and background:<YOURTOKENID>.png
  • front-facing options with a body and no background:<YOURTOKENID>.png
  • front-facing options with no body (especially useful for overlaying on photos for social media):<YOURTOKENID>.png

To access each Front Facing version, all Deadfellaz holders need to do is enter their token ID number at the end of their IPFS URL just before the “.png”. This is clearly marked in the highlighted section of the image below.

It is important to note that these new additions are not NFTs. Instead, they are extensions of the art files associated with each Deadfellaz token. These extensions are hosted on IPFS, which means they are openly accessible holders to use under the banner of their IP.

The NFT brand also has plans to release other assets in the near future. These include Voxelfellaz, Streamingfellaz, and Chibbifellaz. These additional assets provide more options for holders to expand the usability of their tokens in different ways.

Deadfellaz’s decision to expand their offerings comes after noticing a growing interest from their community members making their own derivatives one by one. With these files going directly to the community, Deadfellaz also hope to enhance the versatility and usability of their tokens for their holders.

In conclusion, Deadfellaz’s latest offering, “Front Facing Fellaz,” aims to enhance the usability of the OG Deadfellaz collection. This is an exciting development for Deadfellaz holders and shows the brand’s commitment to providing new and innovative offerings to its community.



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