DAOMaker Investigates Security Breach on Degen Zoo Game!

Degen Zoo, DAOMaker’s NFT game inspired by Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo, might have been exploited in the past 48 hours. Accordingly, the founding team stopped the game to investigate the hacking incident and prevent other inconveniences. The concerns actually came from a suspicious address that burned a whopping $58,000. So far, the team has found no concerning evidence, but they’re still looking into the situation.

The NFT game Degen Zoo briefly stopped as the team investigated suspicious wallet activity.

Why Was The Game Stopped?

It’s been a rough week start for the Degen Zoo community as the game community fears that hackers attacked the platform. The story began almost two days ago when a wallet address burned more than 1,5 million DZOO – Degen’s native token.

This first-time event sparked a wave of concern among players and collectors, all of who were concerned it might be a security breach. Shortly afterward, the founding team at DAOMaker announced that it had stopped the game for the community’s safety.

“We are investigating, but so far, a team of three people have tried to find any such exploit of this person to be able to get high-quality animals and found nothing,” the team wrote in a Telegram message.

In addition, the project founders mentioned that Degen Zoo’s hatching process is completed on the Binance Oracle. This means it’s impossible to hatch virtual animals through smart contracts, according to the team. Nevertheless, DAOMaker is still looking into the problem to ensure each user is safe.

digital poster of the Degen Zoo NFT game
Degen Zoo was built from scratch in 30 days as a response to Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo game.

What Is Degen Zoo?

Degen Zoo is a charity NFT game launched by DAOMaker. In short, the game involves burning NFTs of digital endangered animal species as its main Play-to-Earn mechanism. Degen Zoo has a native token called DZOO and staking features that allow players to earn digital eggs.

Sounds familiar? Well, the game is in fact based on the same concept as CryptoZoo – Logan Paul’s Axie Infinity-like blockchain game. The Degen Zoo creator Cristoph Zaknum had been trolling Logan Paul for quite a while; his latest attempt was to build a complex NFT game similar to CryptoZoo in less than 30 days.

Surprisingly, Zaknum achieved his goal, raising over $700 million in the meantime from over 115 unique digital wallets.



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