DAO4ART’s Web3 New Species: When NFT Royalty Meets AIGC

In 2023, content creators use AI more than ever to bring their visions to life – and DAO4ART is here to help them monetize each artwork. Thanks to its unique tokenomics, royalty system, and copyright rules, this platform supports AI-generated NFT minting and trading. The best part? You can sign up for their 100 x 100 Royalty campaign to get your AI artwork minted for free and to start earning today!

DAO4ART is an innovative platform now supporting AI-generated artworks via its 100 x 100 Royalty campaign.

What Is DAO4ART?

In essence, DAO4ART is a web3 platform that helps NFT creators launch their own collections with built-in royalty tokenization. This DAO facilitates new users’ NFT debut through various tools. For example, the platform will automatically generate a new ERC-20 token for each new DAO created on their website.

Here’s a simplified visual example:

screenshot of a DAO token scheme by DAO4ART
DAO members will receive the unique ERC20 tokens generated by DAO4ART as rewards.

“Simply put, in comparison to marketplaces, D4A is the previous step where people create contents that will later go on trading platforms,” the platform says.

Surprisingly, now you can benefit from this innovation too, thanks to the 100 x 100 Royalty campaign.


How Does The 100 x 100 Royalty Campaign Work?

The 100 x 100 Royalty campaign is a challenge from DAO4ART for AI content creators. In short, participants could submit visual artworks generated by AI via the platform’s Twitter page. The 100 best artworks’ creators would receive $100 each and have their content launched under CC0 copyright license.

Although the competition was supposed to be up for three months, it ended in just two weeks with over 800% oversubscription. This goes to show the growing trend in AI tech used for NFT creation and trading. Accordingly, the 100 winning collectibles are already available via OpenSea.

This outstanding success convinced DAO4ART to launch a second, unplanned round of the campaign!


Where Can You Get More Information?

DAO4ART already boasts almost 8,000 Twitter followers, and that’s where you’ll find the latest updates. You can also sign up and submit your AI-generated artwork for the new V2 100 x 100 Royalty campaign via their official Twitter contest page!

Meanwhile, you can check out the project’s whitepaper on their official website and join their growing Discord community too.



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