DAO4ART to Enable a Trillion Dollar AIGC+NFT Market

In 2023, AI technology is everywhere. From content creation to design and programming, the AIGC market is expanding at lightspeed. Despite its popularity, the niche was surprisingly difficult to monetize – until now.

With platforms such as DAO4ART, now people like you and me can reap the financial benefits of AI tech and stay on trend. Let’s find out how!

The AIGC market is among the fastest-growing ones on the market, yet its generated content still lacks means of monetization.

Why Is the AIGC Market so Valuable?

By 2022, the AIGC market was valued at $136 billion – and that was before the ChatGPT trend. Statistically, this market will have an annual growth rate of 37.3% by 2030. With so many tools and creators already on the market, we can only imagine the future expansion and how AI tech will be integrated into every business model.

Midjourney is a top example of a successful AI company. This independent lab opened beta testing in July 2022. Today, millions of users utilize its bots to generate visual artworks based on prompts. Its main competitor developed by OpenAI, DALL-E, has more than one million active users too. Similarily, the AI content platform Jasper raised over $125M last year alone at a $1.5 billion valuation.

Unfortunately, though, most users lack the means to monetize the incredible results generated by AI tools. While this market has great potential, its actual use with financial gains has been unexplored.

AI-generated image in a classical painting style
AIGC enables content creators to bring their visions to life. Credit: Jenn Mishra

How Does AIGC Impact the NFT Market?

Currently, NFT investors and creators are recovering from the 2022 bear market. According to recent statistics, there have been over 101 million NFT transactions in 2022 – more than double the numbers reported in 2021. However, the NFTs traded in 2022 had a much lower value than the previous year, hence the market collapse.

Looking into this year’s NFT projects, investors can also see there’s little innovation – one that AI tech could offer. From artists to DAOs and even game developers, digital creators can integrate AI technology into every aspect of their web3 projects.

However, most of them lack the resources or knowledge to monetize their AIGC digital products. Whether’s it’s royalties or copyright issues, creators have been encountering roadblocks at every step.

That’s when DAO4ART steps in.


screenshot of the DAO4art platform of AIGC content
DAO4ART helps digital creators monetize their AI-generated visual content.

How Does DAO4ART Innovate the Growing Niche?

In essence, DAO4ART is the bridge between the AIGC and NFT markets. This decentralized autonomous organization facilitates DAO-based production and collaboration through innovative solutions. One of them, for instance, is royalty tokenization, which helps NFT creators monetize their works – including AI-generated content.

In order to further support this new niche, DAO4ART also launched a 100 x 100 series of AI-generated content by community members. Their CryptoJogger drops also present AIGC creations. These launches are already available on secondary NFT marketplaces and generating revenue for their creators.

If you want to learn more about this revolutionary system, you can check out the DAO4ART platform. In addition, their Twitter and Discord communities offer the latest insights into AIGC and NFT innovation!



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