Cross The Ages Goes Back to Where it All Began, Taking its Roadshow to Marseille

Cross The Ages continued to put Web3 gaming on notice with the release of its second episode of “The Roadshow” last week. The Roadshow is a YouTube series exploring the development of the project’s digital trading card game. What did we learn from the latest episode of The Roadshow?

Cross The Ages showed off its flair for the dramatic with a cinematic video release last week
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What did we learn from the new Cross The Ages video?

The video transports the viewer to the Phoenician city of Marseille. The video begins with the project’s co-founder Richard Esteve standing in front of a crowd explaining that the collection is more than a game.  Instead, Esteve states, Cross The Ages is “a whole universe”, but even more so, a “family”.

From there, we get to see sweeping shots of famous Marseille landmarks.  Next, the camera focuses on Cross The Ages CEO Sami Chlagou in a hotel room detailing the complicated logistics behind making the film.  Video director Otis Masada answers by saying it won’t be a problem– they are a team in which he has full trust.

The video then shows footage from the game projected onto various buildings. We see snarling dragons, fierce warriors, and fearsome monsters. The result is an epic feeling blend of fantasy and reality as manifested by the game footage and the architecture of Marseille.

After that, the video focuses on different team members at a party. The overall mood is joyous and relaxed. The team seems excited about the completion of 2+ years of work culminating in the release of the project’s mobile game on March 29. As Data Scientist Alix Kongoro puts it, working for Cross The Ages is more of “a human adventure” than a job.

What is Cross The Ages?

Cross The Ages is a trading card that combines traditional gaming with blockchain technology powered by Immutable. The game’s storyline is based on seven novels created by writers from Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Marvel. As more novels come out, gameplay will evolve to mirror the changing lore.

Cross The Ages uses NFT technology for its digital trading card game
This ain’t Gin Rummy! Cross The Ages is a new card of card game
Image Credit: Gomet

Players can win prizes in the form of NFTs and compete in tournaments. To date, the free-to-play game has captured the attention of over 600,000 community members. Cross The Ages seems destined to remain a major player in the future of Web3 gaming.




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