Ceresion Secures $25 Million Pre-Series A to enhance decentralized ETF Investment Platform. – ICOshock

Ceresion NFT today announced it has raised $25 million in pre-Series A, the proceeds from the funding will be used to improve the company’s ETF Investment Platform, Ceresion is a decentralized cross-chain ETF Investment Platform that allows trading and creation of trustless ETFs by utilizing blockchain technology and layer-2 solutions.

“The upcoming capital will be used to drive expansion in the East Asian, European, and North American markets,” says CEO of Ceresion. “The money will also be utilized to continue investing in blockchain technology development, as well as to improve customer and product satisfaction.”

The goal of the pre a series fund is to have more money accessible for enterprises who wish to develop their operations and showcase their abilities to the public, as well as to establish an open, free, egalitarian, and decentralized ETF investing Platform. Ceresion will integrate the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems, enabling traders by offering a diverse choice of ETF tokens to trade and invest in, as well as harnessing the technology of both blockchains to bring up new investment opportunities.

About Ceresion

Their service will allow investors to create fully decentralized ETFs that can be traded and earn a share of the profits from transaction fees. The leaderboard system will reward top performing fund creators with NFTs which give perks on the platform and partner project platform such as early access to release and higher staking APY.

Official website: https://www.ceresion.io/

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