Captain Tsubasa NFT Sale Starts Tomorrow!

The highly-anticipated anime NFT collection featuring Captain Tsubasa drops on March 2, much to fans’ delight! The new “Ball Is Our Friend Project” project pays homage to the iconic anime series. Over the past month, this initiative attracted fans from all across the globe, with Japanese soccer legend Shinji Kagawa as its ambassador!

Captain Tsubasa-themed NFT collection will drop for Japanese anime soccer fans and collectors tomorrow!

What Should You Know About The NFT Sale?

If you’re into anime series or you’re an avid NFT collector, the Captain Tsubasa NFT drop might be for you! This unique “Ball is our Friend Project” project celebrates one of the most successful Japanese soccer anime series ever.

The presale for these unique collectibles will start on March 2 at 2 am PST. Then, each whitelisted user can mint a limited-edition gold NFT for 0.08 ETH. Two hours later, at 4 am PST, the public sale will begin with a fixed price of 0.01 ETH per piece. Accordingly, each user minting three NFTs simultaneously will get one extra digital asset for free.

digital poster for the Captain Tsubasa NFT collection
The collectibles feature illustrations by the Captain Tsubasa original artist Yoichi Takahashi.

What Is Captain Tsubasa?

Captain Tsubasa is the first anime-themed NFT drop promoting charity and the Japanese soccer anime niche. These exclusive collectibles feature 283 popular scenes from the series. Moreover, there are also 333 moves carrying the original illustration style by creator Yoichi Takashi.

The essence of this project is “World Peace Through The Power of Soccer” by bringing soccer fans from across the world together. The Japanese startup behind this project is double, an NFT-centered platform aiming to embark new brands into the Web3 universe.



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