Candy Digital & Getty Images Drop 70s music NFT Collection

The leading photography digital platform Getty Images will drop its first vintage photography NFT collection with Candy Digital! Together with the digital collectible platform, the two aim to bring high-quality moments featuring the top ’70s icons to the metaverse. From David Bowie to Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and John Lennon, these impressive digital assets launch on March 21st, so let’s gain insight!

Candy Digital’s latest official partner, Getty Images, drops an NFT collection of its rarest photos from the 1970s.

The ’70s Music & Culture Collection: How Can You Mint an NFT?

This season, Getty Images and Candy Digital will bring their fans back to the ’70s with a new NFT collection titled “The ’70s Music & Culture Collection.” In essence, the project will include rare photos from the Getty Images archives. Each digitalized image reflects the 1970s culture and its most popular figures.

For example, holders can mint NFT photographs of Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, and James Brown, to name a few.

Accordingly, the collectibles will drop in four sessions, the first one scheduled on March 21st. The prices will vary between $25 to $200, with credit card payments accepted too via the official Candy Digital platform.

“The launch of the ’70s Music & Culture Collection draws on Getty Images’ timeless and meticulously preserved archives allowing individuals to own unique moments in music history that engage their passion,” said Peter Orlowsky, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development, Getty Images.

iamge of a man looking far away
The upcoming NFT drop features the most iconic stars of the ’70s, ready to enter the Web3 universe. Credit: Candy Digital

Why Did Getty Images Team up With Candy Digital?

Candy Digital is a Web3 company aiming to connect brands with users via premium licensed NFT collectibles. Besides its partnership with Getty Images, the team collaborates with Netflix, WWE, the Major LEage Baseball Players Association, and more.

Thanks to its outstanding performance in the blockchain sector, this company was even nominated for the best web3 presence at the Sports Business Tech Awards. All in all, the reputable Getty Images had a good reason for choosing Candy Digital – and their journey begins on March 21st.



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