Budsies Release Phygital Plush NFT: Unicorn Steve

The leading personalized plush company Budsies launched their first hybrid NFT: Unicorn Steve! These limited-edition physical toys carry an NFC linking them to their corresponding NFT version. Of course, each unicorn plushie is unique, offering access to an exclusive community. The best part? You don’t even need to create a crypto wallet to get one!

The 500 physical pieces are already available on Amazon, so let’s find out all about them ASAP!

Budsies, the leading custom plush toy company, enters the NFT market with its phygital product: Unicorn Steve.

Budsies Go Phygital: Meet Their First Unicorn NFT Plush!

The custom plush toy company Budsies officially stepped into the NFT world with Unicorn Steve – their debut phygital product. This real-life plush toy is an identical copy of the popular, meme-worthy character.

Notably, Budsies released only 500 Unicorn Steve plushies. The company sold the product via Amazon (currently out of stock). What’s so special about it?

Well, each plush toy comes with a NFC tag linked to an NFT version of Unicorn Steve. Accordingly, the digital collectibles are stored on the Polygon blockchain. This simple system allows everybody to own an NFT without actually studying the niche.

In fact, you’ll even get a custodial wallet card where you’ll find your wallet address and private key!

In addition, the toys come with a Smart Seal NFC chip you can scan using a smartphone. This unique code allows you to enter a private community available for plush holders only.

image of a tag from a Unicorn Steve phygital plush toy collectible from Budsies
Each of the 500 physical collectibles has a unique tag that helps you enter an exclusive community. Credit: Budsies

Can you get other NFT plushies via Budsies?

For now, Unicorn Steve is the only phygital product from Budsies. However, the company can turn any of your NFT avatars into a real-life plush toy! Here’s an example:

image of a monkey picture alongside its physical plush toy copy by Budsies
Budsies can create personalized physical plushies inspired by NFT holders’ collectibles. Credit: Budsies

There are two sizes available for each custom toy (16″ or 30″). The NFT Budsies collectibles are hand-made with attention to every detail and you can get one for $159.


How did Budsies do after Shark Tank?

If you’ve watched Shark Tank back in 2015, you probably know Budsies from there. The company participated in the American business TV series, but ultimately rejected their investment proposal. Instead, Budsies decided to grow the brand on their own and it’s safe to say they’ve succeeded.

Today, it is the no. #1 custom plush toy company in the world. Budsies’ decision to join the NFT market with Unicorn Steve is undoubtedly a step forward for the company, as well as the plushie industry in general.

This is just one of the many successful example of a hybrid NFT drop. Of course, we’ve seen many similar projects throughout 2022 too – and their popularity keeps growing. For example, remember the Barbie partnered with the iconic Boss Beauties NFT project for a limited-edition drop last fall!



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