Blur NFT Marketplace Sparks Outrage From US-Based Users

Blur NFT marketplace, Blur, has been causing a stir in recent months as the largest rival to market leader OpenSea. The platform promised token rewards for traders, and users have been eagerly awaiting the delayed airdrop of BLUR tokens. However, it has emerged that users based in the United States were not able to participate in the airdrop, causing controversy within the NFT community.

Blur NFT marketplace announced the airdrop on their official Twitter.
Image Credit: Blur

How did the $BLUR airdrop take place

The airdrop of BLUR tokens began on February 14, with the marketplace granting users care packages representing $BLUR token prices.

The airdrop took place in three waves. The first wave considered eligible traders who used a competing marketplace in the six months prior to Blur’s launch. The second wave was for Blur users who listed their NFTs for sale on the marketplace through November. Finally, the third wave wave is for traders who bid on NFTs through Blur.

Collectors complain about Blur NFT marketplace airdrop

It soon became apparent that users from Blur NFT marketplace based in the United States were unable to claim their tokens. The exclusion was not a surprise, as many NFT projects have opted to exclude US-based users due to regulatory uncertainty. Nevertheless, the decision was met with criticism by those who had not been made aware of this beforehand.

Blur NFT marketplace faces criticism by the NFT community.
US-based users complain, claiming Blur NFT marketplace was not clear with the airdrop details.
Image Credit: camolNFT Twitter

The exclusion of US-based users from the $BLUR airdrop has sparked debate over whether Blur misled consumers by never stating that they would not be able to claim if they were based in the US. Despite the controversy, the delayed airdrop of BLUR tokens is still an exciting development for the NFT community, and it will be interesting to see how the marketplace continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges in the future.



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