Bitcoin Stamp Craze: Over 18,000 Collectibles Already Released on the Blockchain

The Bitcoin Stamps community is growing a lightning speed. The popular Bitcoin news website just announced that over 10,000 Stamps have been minted in the last 17 days, bringing the total tally to over 18,000. What is causing this surge in interest in Bitcoin Stamps?

Move over Ordinals, Bitcoin Stamps are the fastest growing NFTs on Bitcoin
Image Credit: NFT Now

What is causing the surge of interest in Bitcoin Stamps?

Like Bitcoin Ordinals, the technology allows people to create NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. This ability is a huge advancement for Bitcoin fans who wanted to get in on the fun of NFT trading. Additionally, some traders are focusing on the new technology because they feel like there’s some historical significance to getting in early to Bitcoin NFTs.

Many people are opting for Bitcoin Stamps over Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions. This group believes Stamps are the superior method for creating NFTs, arguing that new technology offers additional decentralization and immutability. Node operators cannot “prune” Stamps like Ordinal inscription, therefore users don’t need to worry about node runners changing data for any given Stamp.

Additionally, Stamps allow creators to produce semi-fungible tokens. Similar to Ethereum’s ERC-1155 token standard, Stamps can be issued as “one of one” pieces or “one of many” edition pieces. This ability opens up many new use cases for NFT technology, and will assuredly help Stamps gain wider adoption over time.

What are people creating with Stamps?

Stamps cost more to create than Ordinals. To that effect, creators recommend starting with 24×24 pixel images to limit costs. Some people have had success with creating high-resolution artwork by utilizing SVG graphics. One innovator even managed to attach an MP3 file to a Bitcoin Stamp.  Another person replicated the classic game “Snake” onto a Stamp.

Bitcoin Stamps are evolving rapidly from pixel art to SVG graphics
Bitcoin Stamps are in the early stages but are advancing quickly
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Some popular early collections include Stampunks, Bitcoin Flocks, Broken JPGS, and more. As more and more people continue to build upon the new technology, it’s clear that the 18,000+ Stamps in existence are just the beginning.



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