Binance Metaverse Study Week Will Pay You To Learn About Web3

What if I told you a huge company like Binance would pay you up to 50K BUSD to learn about the Metaverse? That’s exactly what the Binance Academy Metaverse Study Week is offering. Those who complete all six missions can receive a maximum of 50,000 BUSD from the founders. The course runs between January 12 – 21st, so let’s find out all about it ASAP!

The Binance Metaverse Week is offering up to 50K BUSD to its course participants. Credit: FreePik

What Is Binance Academy’s Metaverse Study Week All About?

If there’s one thing Web3 newbies need, it’s good-quality educational material. One of the latest initiatives comes from the Binance Academy, as their Metaverse Study Week begins today!

In essence, their in-depth course focuses on the Metaverse, blockchain games, and crypto-related educational materials open for all students. There are six missions each student must complete to earn prizes in BUSD:

  1. Learn the basics of the Metaverse;
  2. Read +1 crypto/blockchain article from the Binance Academy per day for five days;
  3. Read five crypto/blockchain-related articles from the course’s intermediate level;
  4. Read five papers on NFTs, crypto payments, blockchain games integrated in the Metaverse;
  5. Read +1 articles published by Binance during December and January to stay on top of the news;

In addition, you must go through with the Metaverse and Web3 course within Academy Courses.

screenshot of a chart featuring the BUSD rewards pool for Binance Academy's Metaverse Study Week
The Metaverse Study Week rewards bool is worth a total of 50K BUSD for all participants. Credit: Binance

How can you join the course?

If you’re interested in this opportunity, you can create an account on the Binance Academy platform. Note that your accound must be KYC-verified to access the Metaverse Study Week content.

After the course is over, on January 21st, the Binance Academy team will reward users with BUSD vouchers. You can claim your BUSD voucher rewards in the ‘Reward Center’ of the platform. Accordingly, the team will share the vouchers (worth a total of 50K BUSD) within 15 days after the course ends.

These rewards aim to motivate new people to educate themselves properly before entering the Web3 world. With so many scams around, knowing (at least) the basics is the only way to stay safe!


What is Binance?

Created by Changpeng Zhao, Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Founded back in 2017, the platform allows you to create a digital wallet and trade digital coins. Right now, it supports 14 of the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, BNB, BUSD, SANTOS, and more.

Generally, Binance is a safe option to trade or exchange crypto. Although it may seem a bit complicated for beginners, the platform offers learning support – and the Binance Academy Metaverse Study Week is their latest initiative in this sense.

image of two abstract characters reaching for a Bitcoin digital coin as part of the Binance Academy Metaverse Study Week
The Metaverse Study Week is the Binance Academy’s latest initiative to educate the large public on the Metaverse. Credit: Binance

Where can you learn more about Web3 and NFTs?

As the Web3 world evolves, so do its educational materials. If you want to get a certification, platforms such as 101 Blockchains offer such courses. Meanwhile, experienced NFT traders and creators have been releasing their own Udemy courses too. You’ll need a few hours to complete one such course that can teach you the basics of NFT trading.

But what if you don’t want a course (or you don’t have the budget for it)? As a pioneer in the industry, NFT Evening has been developing in-depth guides ever since the NFT boom started. Our goal is to help Web3 newbies embark on this amazing adventure while keeping the community up to date with the latest news in the market.

Some of our guides include digital wallet safety, blockchain gaming, as well as new features such as the Instagram NFTs. Regardless of your experience with crypto or the Web3 niche, we’re all here to learn – and WAGMI!



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