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NFT, or non-fungible tokens promises to revolutionize the gaming world. Blockchain allows players to enjoy play-to-earn mechanics. This means users can now take up more significant roles and earn from the gaming economy.

To begin with, decentralized Trading Card Games founded on blockchain technology rewards players based on their playtime. Secondly, blockchain transforms collectible cards into digital assets. Therefore, players have complete ownership of the cards and can trade or sell them for cryptocurrencies. 

Additionally, blockchain games are more expensive as the digital assets are interference-proof NFTs. As a result, in-game objects preserve digital scarcity and uniqueness. All things considered, blockchain trading card games offer higher quality and the potential to earn. Hence, they are working towards a future that replaces traditional trading card games.

We have listed some of the Blockchain Trading Card Games below.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular blockchain games in the crypto world. It features online collectible cards running on the Ethereum blockchain as tokens. The free-to-play game features fantasy-themed characters and products, similar to, Hearthstone and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. With a crypto edge, of course.

The coolest thing about Gods Unchained is that it mimics the physical game that mainstream digital versions tried to duplicate. Since the game lets you buy and sell rare individual cards via in-game Marketplace, the battle cards in the game are rare and valued. For instance, a card named “Mythic” was sold for $62,000 thousand in February of 2019. 

Released in 2018, Gods Unchained is growing at a steady pace with over 100 million players and competitive international e-sport participation. Regardless of the easy-to-use core mechanics, we advise you to play a few games with the AI before hopping into online matches. 

The CCG is available for windows and MacOs.


Similar to Gods Unmatched, Spliterlands is a trading card game where players can earn rewards through card matchups. This game is based on the Steem blockchain and one can purchase the cards with cryptocurrency, as well as, Paypal. 

The interface is quick and responsive and works live to find matches in an instant. The in-game cards are valuable due to blockchain and one can also win them through tournaments and ranked plays. Spliterlands works with ETH, TRX, STEEM, and HIVE to offer cross-platform compatibility. 

While purchasing your starter pack of cards, you can end up with rare cards in your first ever batch if you’re lucky. But the best part is, even if you find multiple sets of the same cards, you can combine identical cars to boost their power. Or, sell one of them to earn back in crypto.

Pro tip: If you don’t know what to get your friend for their birthday, you can send them a gift card in the game. 

The CCG is available for PC, Android, and IOS.


Berserk is a free-to-play blockchain card game. However, it is a part of the Vulcanverse which is a larger game set. The digital assets purchased within the game are storable on Ethereum, Vechain, and Matic. Further, the NFTs are also usable in the Vulcanverse MMORPG.

Since its launch in 2003, this fantasy card game is currently the most popular collectible trading card game in all of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. After more than a decade of its existence, and 19 published extensions, Berserk features over 4000 illustrated cards from artists all over the world. Given that, Berserk, indeed, is a cultural favorite, at the least. 

The CCG is available for IOS, Android, and PC.


SkyWeaver is a digital collectible card game from Horizon games. Presently, the game is running on Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network in closed beta. However, the NFTs are storable in Ethereum, as well as, Matic blockchains. 

The story stars in an alternate reality where you have are a skyweaver and you have to battle other sky weavers. Even though the interface is similar to other CCGs such as Gods Unchained, MTG, and hearthstone, SkyWeaver introduces a few unique features. 

For instance, a fully functional unit, Hero lets players attack other creatures or defend themselves, even in the absence of any card on the board. Additionally, the game allows only 9 cards and 6 units on a player’s board at a given time. That is to make sure cards are readable on mobile devices and prevent onboard clutter.

While SkyWeaver’s mechanics are complex, the gameplay is fast and fluid. Therefore, it successfully keeps its players on their feet. It is also free-to-play with easy-to-find PVP matches and playable on multiple platforms. 

The CCG is available for IOS, PC, and Android.


NFTically is one such platform that can help you in trading your Non Fungible Tokens. In NFTically, you can open your store in just a few minutes. Minting, selling as well buying are the options that NFTically provides their users. All you require is to set up a wallet, build your collections, put in your NFTs (which can be an image, song, video clips, etc.), and at last, list those NFTs up for sale. 

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