Beeple’s ‘The Long Road’ – is this the Ultimate Puzzle?

On March 11, 2023, Beeple’s Live Everyday Performance at Beeple Studios left the NFT community abuzz. While he created 50 Everyday Artifacts, it was his “Everyday” piece, Long Road, that sparked curiosity. As puzzle enthusiasts scrambled to make sense of the mysterious #51 artifact with an all-black PNG titled “???”, speculation ran wild as the Long Road NFT remained unclaimed. Let’s dive into the mystery surrounding Beeple’s latest creation!

Long Road.

What we know about Beeple and “Everydays”

Firstly, who is Beeple? Mike Winkelmann is a digital artist and graphic designer from the United States. He gained widespread recognition in the crypto and NFT communities for selling a digital artwork NFT for a record-breaking $69 million at a Christie’s auction in March 2021.

Now, let’s take a look at “Everydays.” Essentially, “Everydays” is a project where Beeple creates and shares a new digital artwork every day. Beeple started this project on May 1, 2007, and has continued it ever since. Each artwork is created using digital tools such as 3D modeling software, motion graphics, and digital drawing. The artwork often features surreal, sci-fi, and dystopian themes. The “Everydays” project has gained Beeple a large following and has been instrumental in establishing him as a prominent digital artist in the industry.

The Long Road Puzzle and the Mystery of #Artifact 51

Beeple and Christie’s hosted the grand opening of Beeple Studios in Charleston, South Carolina on March 11, 2023. At the event, Beeple performed a Live Everyday Performance. He also created 50 Everyday Artifacts and one of his famous “Everydays”, named Long Road. Additionally, attendees were in for a treat as each completed artwork was ‘airdropped’ via printers hidden in the gallery ceiling. Over 900 prints were produced, each containing a unique printout with a valuable red dot that could be exchanged for an NFT in the future.

Moreover, Beeple added the Long Road NFT to his “Everydays” collection. He updated metadata for all NFTs in the Everyday Artifacts collection. Interestingly, this also included a mysterious all-black PNG titled “???” as the #51 Artifact. The new addition sparked a frenzy among puzzle enthusiasts trying to decipher its meaning. Interestingly, the Long Road NFT has not been claimed, leading to rampant speculation in the NFT community.



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