BAYC Sewer Pass Holders Get Ready to Join Gary and ‘Lick the Toad’

As the Bored Ape Yacht Club‘s (BAYC) weeks long ‘Dookey Dash‘ event is under review, they announce new information regarding their upcoming “Lick The Toad” event for Sewer Pass holders. Earlier this week, the official BAYC announced on Twitter that revealed the updated timeline to their “The Summoning” event. Learn more about this new event below!

Lick The Toad: What Is The New BAYC Event?

Lick The Toad is a limited-time event coming to Dookey Dash on February 22nd. Think of it as an extended mini-game in the universe. This event allows players to capture toads alongside Gary and unlock a companion trait. According to Yuga Labs, “500 of these traits will go to the top 500 scores in the event (based on length of run, fragments collected, and objects bonked).” There also consists of a separate 2000 traits for the top 2000 toad catchers. This score is based on the most toads caught in a single run. Moreover, all toads are equal in value, meaning one point for one toad.

This is also a chance for BAYC zero scorers to redeem themselves (and their Sewer Passes). The Sewer Passes only allow for players scoring over zero points to participate in the summoning. Players who either failed to play and register a score or picked up a pass with a zero/wiped score get another shot with this initiative. Zero-point players may play the game and score points to enter the Summoning event. Although, they will only receive the leftover power sources after those with valid OG Dookey Dash scores have claimed first.

With Dookey Dash, Yuga claims its ecosystem grew by over 40%. A significant number for an already established blue-chip brand! NFTEvening awaits further news regarding BAYC and the Summoning event.



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