Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event Is Live Right Now!

Axie Infinity’s Christmas event, Lunacia’s Stocking Stuffers, has started for the holiday season. The event will be live until January 3 and will allow players to obtain new Axie accessories. This is a new feature in the ecosystem that enables players to release Axies in order to receive limited-edition festive accessories. Let’s dive into the event details.

Axie Infinity’s Christmas event, Lunacia’s Stocking Stuffers, is now live!

About Lunacia’s Stocking Stuffers Event

This holiday season, Axie Infinity launched Lunacia’s Stocking Stuffers, a Christmas event letting players collect in-game accessories. The first batch of accessories includes 20 items of varying rarities. This includes items that are common, rare, epic, and mystic. It’s worth noting that the top 2-20 event releasers will receive Taro, a mystic rarity accessory NFT. In addition, the top-ranked releaser will receive a Mr. Ube mystic rarity limited edition NFT. Furthermore, for every axie you release, you will receive 1 accessory. To release Axies, all players need to do is go to the Lunacian express tab and click on ‘Release Axie Now’.

Axie Infinity Christmas accessories
Here’s the first batch of accessories, which includes 20 holiday items of varying rarity.

What can I do with the Axie Infinity accessories? 

The accessories are simply cosmetic items for Axies that allow players to express themselves through their in-game characters. With the personalization of Axies, players will also be able to develop a stronger connection with their characters. In sum, they will not give players any competitive advantage in any way.

How do I equip the accessories?

Once the accessories are collected by players, they will have a new management page. This will allow them to easily equip their Axies with new accessories with a simple click of a button. Now Axie players can express their holiday spirit in-game by accessorizing their characters with Christmas items.



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