Axie Infinity Launches a Stylish Accessories Update

Axie Infinity players can start 2023 in style, thanks to the latest accessories update! Now you can trade the most lavish assets via the dedicated marketplace, App.axie. Think you have the best-dressed axie in Lunacia? The team is hosting an exciting #AxieLookBook contest too!

Axie Infinity’s accessories update allows players to collect, trade, and customize their axies like never before! Credit: Axie Infinity

How Can You Use Axie Infinity’s New Accessories Update?

Axie Infinity’s new accessories are definitely a crucial update for 2023. Players can use the new features to add personality to their axies while boosting the in-game economy. The craze started during Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event, when users could collect festive in-game items.

Starting this month, players can also trade their accessories on the App.axie marketplace. The items are in fact ERC-721 tokens that show up like Charms or Runes on the marketplace. Note that only one axie can wear a certain accessory at a time via the “Equip” function on the App.axie inventory.

“Accessories are an important step towards fortifying the emotional connection between you and your axies,” the Axie Infinity team says.

If you’re ready to show off your stylish axie, then the #AxieLookBook contest is definitely for you!

How Does the #AxieLookBook Competition Work?

Exciting prizes and great community – this competition is the perfect start to 2023. In order to sign up for Axie Infinity’s exciting challenge, post a photo of your axie wearing accessories on Twitter.

Make sure to include the #AxieLookBook hashtag in your description, as well as your axie’s Ronin address and ID. In addition, you should explain the creative process of styling your axie too.

Here’s an example:

screenshot of a challenge submission for the #AxieLookBook competition for Axie Infinity
The #AxieLookBook challenge celebrates the most fashionable axies after the game’s recent update. Credit: Axie Infinity

As long as you own the axie and accessories posted, the Axie Infinity team welcomes as many entries as possible! The competition runs until January 10th at 2 AM EST. The top five winners can pick an ID accessory from Sky Mavis’ accessory stash! Meanwhile, the 6 – 50th winning spots will receive AXS.




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