Australian Open Launches NFTs With Free Finals Tickets

Following the successful release of ArtBall in 2022, the Australian Open (AO) is offering free Finals Week Passes for all fans who hold the NFT. This was an unexpected benefit, following the Australian Open’s decision to further develop its Web3 experience. Moreover, the Open is releasing an extensive rewards program to the holders of ArtBall NFTs. The program is developed by Tennis Australia and the Web3 studio, Run It Wild.

The Australian Open is giving free tickets to NFT holders. Credit: BBC.

How To Get Free Finals Tickets To The Australian Open?

Fans who hold the ArtBall 2022 NFT will receive free Seven Day Ground Passes for week two of the Australian Open 2023. There are a total of 6,776 ArtBall 2022 NFTs in circulation, so this represents a major benefit unlike any other in the history of the event. Have more than one ArtBall 2022 NFT? You’ll be able to redeem up to 20 tickets in total, based on the number of NFTs you hold.

A blue tennis court is surrounded by a stadium full of people. This is at the Asutralian Open, where the 2022 NFTs come with the benefit of free finals week tickets.
2022 ArtBall NFT holders will receive free Finals Week Tickets. Credit: ATP Tour.

What Are The Benefits Of Australian Open NFTs?

The benefits don’t end there. The ArtBall NFTs also comes with access to other major sporting events, Web3 conferences, behind-the-scenes content, and limited merchandise. Furthermore, it should be noted that each NFT corresponds to a tile section on the court. For every winning point hit in that section, the corresponding NFT holder wins exclusive items.

A blue tennis court is surrounded by a stadium full of people, at night with a setting sky. It's the Australian Open, which is deepening the benefits of its NFT program.
The Australian Open plans to deepen the benefits for NFT holders. Credit: Tennishead.

Where To Get Australian Open 2023 NFTs?

For fans who couldn’t purchase an ArtBall 2022 NFT or holders who wish to receive a better section on the court, there will be an opportunity to benefit from the next round of exclusive rewards when the ArtBall 2023 NFTs are released before the tournament.

Fans shouldn’t miss out on these NFTs. It’s clear the Australian Open is committed to offering only the most premium rewards to their Web3 engaged audience.



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