Attention Doodles Enthusiasts- the Stoodio Launches Today!

Exciting news for all Doodles enthusiasts and collectors as they launch “The Stoodio”, a revolutionary platform for creating custom Doodles. According to reports, holders of The Stoodio can build their own avatars in combination with the Doodles 2 collection. This new endeavor follows a year of criticism for Doodles‘ lack of utilities in an NFT industry still searching for new viable items.

Doodles Stoodio: What To Expect?

The ‘Stoodio’ promises to take the Doodles experience to a whole new level. It allows holders to design and fashion their own Doodles creations in the same way as y00ts do. The platform’s early beta access begins on April 28, making it the go-to platform for creating custom Doodles.

The Stoodio is not just a name, but a commitment to excellence and the new home for Doodles. The Stoodio launch represents a crucial moment for Doodles to establish a connection with the native web3 demographic and community. This is especially important, given the divide that was previously created by Doodles 2. However, the Stoodio has the potential to attract a new group of collectors. Especially those eager to create their own unique Doodles and narratives around them. All in all, it is a thrilling time to be a part of the Doodles community!

Despite some turmoil in the community due to comments from Poopie and a falling floor price, the Doodles team remains committed to its path. With the launch of The Stoodio, Doodles is ready to reclaim its spot at the top and transition from an NFT project to a top-tier media brand.

There is currently no need to take any action. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, it is anticipated that “Beta Passes” will be necessary to access the Stoodio. However, there is no need to be concerned as these passes are available on secondary markets (Flow). The current floor price for Doodles is approximately 2.25 ETH.

About Doodles NFT

Doodles is a collection of 10,000 NFTs consisting of colorful artwork by Burnt Toast, the pseudonym of Canada-based artist Scott Martin. The project was devised by Castro and Evan Keast, who previously collaborated at Dapper Labs.

With the advent of trader-focused markets such as Blur, NFT consumers have shifted their attention from collecting NFTs for their aesthetic value to trading NFTs for profit. Despite this, Jordan Castro, one of Doodles’ founders, states that the company is transitioning from an “NFT project” to a long-term ambition of being a top-tier media brand.


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