ATFX Goes Web3 With First NFT!

ATFX officially joins the top web3 companies starting this season, the company revealed in a statement! Accordingly, the group’s debut NFTs ‘ATFX Bull’ will become available for employees only. This makes the popular CFD and Forex broker the first in its industry to launch and promote an NFT innovation.

ATFX debuts its NFT collection titled ATFX Bull for its internal staff, with an upcoming Loyalty NFT Program already confirmed. Credit: ATFX

ATFX NFTs: What Should You Know?

The popular online broker for Forex and CFD, ATFX, might revolutionize its market via NFTs. In a groundbreaking announcement, the company revealed its ATHX Bull NFTs offered to its internal staff. While we know that this debut drop was built on the Polygon network, the team didn’t show details on the collectibles’ utility.

However, we know ATFX has big plans for its NFT journey. Starting Q2, the company will host a public NFT drop for clients ready to embark on their upcoming ATFX NFT Loyalty Program. Note that this program will only be open to Latin America and Southeast Asia users, but it may expand in the future.

Either way, this promising beginning opens the door to new digital opportunities in the CFD and Forex trading industry. In fact, it comes at a perfect time for the growing NFT market.

digital poster of the ATFX NFT collection
ATFX is among the leading virtual FOREX brokers on the market.

How Did the NFT Market Evolve in 2023?

At the time of writing, the NFT market is over 220 times larger than it was before the 2021 boom. By 2025, the industry is expected to be worth $80 billion or more, according to recent predictions.

Despite last year’s bear market, NFT and crypto sales have been recovering, with many new projects succeeding too.


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