Async Art Unites Artistic NFT Visionaries Unite for ‘Forever Supper’

Async Art, a creator platform for NFTs, introduces Dynamic Blueprints – an innovative product set to revolutionize the way creators and brands use NFTs. This new product enables creators to add new visual elements called “Expansions” to an evergreen collection, known as a “Core”. And it also allows their community to personalize their NFT by swapping out traits, characters, and backgrounds.

Async Dynamic Blueprints: What Is It Exactly?

Dynamic Blueprints will address the current problems in the NFT space, including inflationary supply, meaningless drops, and community engagement. It will provide delightful yet scalable experiences that have a reason to exist beyond speculative value. Lisa Liang, CMO, and Co-founder of Async Art, believes that creators who adopt this tech will become pioneers for a new page of crypto art history.

The product features an evergreen NFT collection – “Core” as a base NFT layer. This is where the creator can release an infinite number of new visual elements for the community to collect, mix and match on their Core. These are called “Expansions”. Creators can also invite collaborators to submit new visual elements for their Core. This allows both collaborators and the creator sharing royalties. The product is customizable, modular, and allows for derivatives to feedback to the main collection (Core). Further use cases include a story-telling world builder, a loyalty program, and for community re-engagement.

The new collab project launches with 50+ artists called “Forever Supper”, built on Async’s Dynamic Blueprints technology. So far, 40,000+ have RSVPed to Forever Supper. Although Async Art is giving exclusive early access to only 1500 community members. This group is among the first to experience Forever Supper and claim a special commemorative NFT for free.

About Async Art

Async Art was launched in February 2020. The platform specializes in dynamic, interactive digital art and music. Its first dynamic art, “First Supper,” sold for a record-breaking price and was the first art NFT collected by Metakovan. Metakovan also bagged the Beeple “Everydays” NFT for $69 million. This iconic, historic cryptoart featured at several web3 events and is recognized by many art institutions. The genesis Dynamic Blueprint will be the “Forever Supper,” revisiting and paying homage to “First Supper.” With over 50 confirmed artists, it is also one of the biggest, ongoing cryptoart collaborations of all time.

For innovative artists, musicians, and brands, Async Art is also the best creator platform to tell powerful stories on the blockchain, collaborate, and plug into the wider Web3 ecosystem. Founded in 2020, Async Art’s technology has powered notable artists such as XCOPY, Josie Bellini, Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park), and RAC. To date, Async has empowered 8,000+ creators and grossed 30+ million USD in sales.



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