ASICS and Solana Launch Custom Shoe with STEPN Airdrop

ASICS zoom through web3 with the launch of its latest Solana UI collaboration. The partnership comes to life in the leading ‘move-to-earn’ blockchain game STEPN, featuring custom-made GT-2000™ 11 running shoes. So what is the latest ASICS x STEPN airdrop all about? Read on to learn more!

For The Love Of Running!

What Is The ASICS x STEPN Collection On Solana?

With the purchase of the brand new ASICS 2000 GT, customers automatically receive an ASICS Loyalty Badge NFT. Furthermore, the acquisition also grants collectors the chance to win a limited edition airdrop of the STEPN x ASICS GT 2000 NFTs. The shoe is a product of unique design, compatible with all abilities – and also comes in two aesthetics, namely “light mode” & “dark mode.”

Inspired by Solana and the information age, the overall design combines the energetic brand palette with the user interfaces (UI) of computer and mobile screens to symbolize a movement-influenced, positive symbiotic future with technology. The shoe also aims to exhibit a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity.

Joe Pace, ASICS Web3 and Digital Goods Director, announced his excitement with the project: “We’re proud to leverage Solana Pay and partner with STEPN to help us scale our mission to inspire the global Web3 community to create healthy habits with our products. Building on learnings and successes from our Sunrise Red and Genesis STEPN collections, we’re excited to continue delivering world-class Web3 experiences.”

Building Future-Forward Web3 Impact

The launch of the new shoes lights the way forward for consumer brands moving with web3. These shoes are now the first ever globally distributed physical product available to order using USDC on Solana Pay. Furthermore, the social imprint that the brand is creating has many distinct advantages:

  • Borderless Purchases: The shoes and NFTs will be available across all its global stores and outfits.
  • Instant Payment: Powered by Solana Pay, the global payment via USDC is instantaneous.
  • Rewards: With the purchase of the shoes, collectors gain free ASICS Badge NFTs which
    unlock access to future token-gated ASICS rewards and experiences.
  • Token-Gated Experiences: Badge holders have the opportunity to claim a free token-gated airdrop of ASICS x STEPN NFT sneakers. Users can play STEPN, stay active through this airdrop, and unlock even more tokens and rewards in-game.
  • Global Efficiency: Due to these shoes being a limited edition drop, there will only be a certain amount of shoes produced and distributed globally. The number of shoes equals the number of pre-orders made for them. This reduces inventory pressure and increases overall efficiencies in the production process.
An image of the two shoe models by Asics x Solana
Light and Dark mode aesthetics for ASICS x Solana Shoes.

The shoes can be purchased for $200 USDC and are available for pre-order globally now until
Nov. 9 at 6:59 AM UTC. You can also purchase the shoes using USDC digital currency via Solana Pay.

About Asics Web3

ASICS began their Web3 journey with the minting of the ASICS SUNRISE RED™ NFT Collection in
July 2021. Building on successes and learnings, they also developed a first-of-its-kind partnership with
Move-and Earn app, STEPN, to launch the ASICS X STEPN Origins Collection in April 2022.

With the release of the ASICS X SOLANA UI collection, including genesis ASICS Badge NFTs on the Solana
blockchain, ASICS is establishing technology to deliver world-class Web3 experiences that inspire
physical activity in the Web3 community to promote physical and mental well-being.


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