Art Blocks Engine and ATP Launch Generative Art Linked To Tennis Data

Art Blocks Engine and the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), have launched a generative digital art collection titled LOVE. At the present time, its the worlds first digital art collection created from in-match tennis game data. In collaboration with notable artist Martin Grasser, the sale went live on December 6 2022, and 300 unique digital NFTs sold out shortly after 20 minutes. Here’s how the collection came to be:

Art Blocks Engine and ATP have released a generative digital art collection consisting of 300 unique NFTs.

How did the collection come about? What are the details?

To create the LOVE collection, official in-match data from the ATP Tour’s season finale was used. In detail, shadows and court lines indicated each ball’s position, velocity, and direction at the point of impact. Other variables generated the colors, textures and zoom of the NFT. Further, not only does LOVE include unique pieces of art but it also acts as an innovative way to create sports memorabilia for fans to cherish.

“Web3 is unlocking incredible new opportunities to innovate and bring sports to life for fans. LOVE represents an exciting first step in the space for the ATP Tour. The collection allows fans to own unique artwork generated by our season finale and showcases the richness of data we have in tennis,” said Daniele Sanó, ATP Chief Business Officer.

Moreover, holders of LOVE will also be able to order a high-quality physical print of their NFT thanks to Level Frames. In addition, each print will be redeemed using a token-gated process to ensure it goes to the right owner. Furthermore, 1% of all secondary sales will be donated to the Giving Block’s Mental Health Impact Fund.

Art Blocks
Some examples of LOVE NFTs that were generated using in-match tennis data from the ATP Tour’s finale.

About Art Blocks Engine

Art Blocks Engine is Art Blocks’ latest offering that handles the Web3 backend. It aims to advance the power of generative art while allowing collaborators to share exceptional minting experiences with their communities. Further, LOVE is Art Blocks Engine’s first partnership with a sports franchise. The collaboration showed how well digital collectibles and sports mesh together, which innovates the way people will remember sporting events.



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