Arianee Launches Partner Program Starting With Wunderman Thompson

Arianee, the leading web3 solutions platform for brands, has announced the launch of the Arianee Partner Program, starting with Wunderman Thompson. Catering to different partners and companies, the program will cover a range of sectors from consulting to communication, and also tech. A leading innovator in the Web3 space, Wunderman Thompson is the first member of the program. 

Wunderman Thompson joins Arianee as its first partner program member.

About Arianee’s Partner Program

Arianee launched the partner program to enable brands to reinvent their customer relationship with innovative experiences, including digital, physical, and the metaverse. Essentially, the program revolves around three pillars: innovation, growth, and excellence. To explain, the program will offer brands technological tools, financial benefits, and personalised, high-quality services. 

Moreover, Arianee’s partner program will bring together consulting companies, marketing agencies, technological solutions and more. Together, they will help brands to kickstart their Web3 journey. In addition, the brands will enjoy exclusive benefits.

“With the Arianee Partner Program, we are proud to take part in building and consolidating a powerful and sustainable web3 partner ecosystem,” said Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee’s Co-founder and CEO. “Wunderman Thompson is a major ally with whom we had the pleasure of running together YSL Beauty’s first steps into web3. We naturally thought about them to join our program. “

What is Arianee?

Founded in 2018, Arianee is a leading web3 solutions provider for brands. In essence, it is an ecosystem made up of the Arianee Project and Arianee SAS. So far, it has developed a range of technological solutions, including an NFT management platform, wallet solutions, and Web3 tools. Ultimately, the firm helps brands tokenize, distribute, and engage NFTs in order to better their community relationships. 

Already, Arianee boasts of working with a host of top brands. This includes Richemont Group, L’Oreal, Breitling, Paris Fashion Week, and Moncler.



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