Apecoin DAO To Provide Meebits With Apecoin Microgrants

3D Voxel Meebits to get more utility from APECoin DAO microgrants

APECoin DAO announced today that it will provide 13,000 APECoin in the form of microgrants to the Meebits NFT community.  Presently APECoin’s price is $3.08 USD providing just under $40,000 USD for microgrants.

APECoin DAO supports the development of Meebits utility

Picture of Bored Ape Yatch Club NFT characters with blue APECoins raining down in the background
APECoin DAO supports community initiatives to develop Meebits Utility
Credit: Forkast.news

APECoin DAO will provide a total of 13,000 APECoin in three waves to the Meebits community to further develop the NFT utility and add to the use of APECoin.  Traditionally, APECoin DAO or Yuga Labs will identify the utility instead these developments will come from the community.  What will the community develop?  Indeed, it is anyone’s guess.  Proposals can be from anyone and not just the Meebits community.  This unquestionably allows for ideas from outside the Yuga Labs and APECoin DAO to enter their ecosystem.

Where are the Meebits Microgrants coming from?

Image of a NOUNS NFT reading "One Noun, Every Day, Forever."
NOUNS Dao provides Prop.house platform where Meebits initiatives will be posted.  Credit: NOUNS DAO

Lastly, the microgrants will be provided through Prop.house and will allow for a project to be voted on by the Meebits community.  Prop.house is ran by the NOUNS DAO and is similar to a kickstarter campaign.  Differently though, the funds are already available and the community gets to vote on which projects will win.  Community-driven development is a hallmark of web3 and decentralization.  Prop.house has already completed 79 funding rounds.

What is the Meebits NFT Collection?

Meebits are a 20k piece 3D voxel NFT collection originally launched under Larva Labs and purchased by Yuga Labs along with the CryptoPunks NFT collection in March of 2022.  Since They have already had an introduction to the Sandbox metaverse, they’re perfect for an introduction to Otherside Metaverse.


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