AOK1VERSE Holders Get Premier Access To New Song “Wild”

2x Grammy nominated artist Steve Aoki gives his fans & AOK1VERSE holders exclusive early access to his brand new track “Wild”. This track previews on the decentralized music streaming platform, Audius. Aoki will release the new single 48 hours before its public release to appreciate AOK1VERSE holders exclusively. This means that only fans who own a designated NFT from the A0K1VERSE community are able to unlock and access the track for a 48-hour period.

AOK1VERSE Gets Wild: How Steve Aoki Gives Back To His Fans!

The release of “Wild” is a significant step towards the future of blockchain-based rewards programs. It showcases the potential of technology to enhance the fan experience and bring people together. Aoki’s use of NFTs to unlock the track incentivizes ownership of digital collectibles and creates a sense of selectivity around the release. This reinforces the strength of the relationship between Aoki and his fans. The early access period began on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 10 am PST. A0K1VERSE holders have a unique opportunity to be one of the first to listen to “Wild.” This earns them endless bragging rights and a chance to listen to the song before anyone else.

This release is not only a gift to A0K1VERSE holders but also a collaboration with Takis® Intense Nacho. The release is amplified across digital platforms with online videos, audio spots, and more. The partnership also sees the release of a special hard-hitting track to the public. Moreso with A0K1VERSE holders having the first access to it.

Aoki & team have always been on the bleeding edge of exciting new ways to engage their fans, and Audius is proud to power this NFT gated song! Using the Audius network, Aoki is able to reward his most loyal supporters with exclusive tracks that can’t be found anywhere else,” says Audius Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Forrest Browning.

In conclusion, the exclusive release of “Wild” to A0K1VERSE holders marks an exciting development for anyone interested in the intersection of music and blockchain. It reinforces the power of fandoms and the rapidly evolving opportunities that web3 provides. Aoki’s commitment to his fans and innovation is evident. Moreover, this release is a perfect reminder of the unifying power of music.

About Audius

Audius is a decentralized platform for music community and discovery that empowers the artist. The platform is managed by an open-source community of global music enthusiasts, developers, and artists.

It is also fueled by a unique crypto token, $AUDIO, which enables artists to have more authority over the distribution of their work and generate additional revenue streams for themselves and other rights holders. Audius is one of the largest decentralized applications globally. In numbers, it boasts over 7 million distinct users every month.



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